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The KAL-Med Consulting Case Study: Simplifying Document Management

Find out how KAL-Med Consulting optimises document-related work with Medesk custom templates and consultation notes.

Power Diary Review: Practice Management System 2023

Explore the Power Diary review for 2023. Discover its features, pros and cons, and how it stacks up in healthcare management.

PracticePal Review 2023: PMS for Healthcare Providers

We've discovered the pros and cons of PracticePal practice management software. Learn about this PMS and its alternatives.

WriteUpp Practice Management Software: Review 2023

Comprehensive WriteUpp review: examining pros, cons, and suitability for small to medium healthcare practices.

The Top 5 Solutions for Patient Experience Improvement

Here are the top 5 articles on the best solutions that will significantly improve your patients' experience.

Empathetic Oncology History-Taking: Unveiling Patient Insights

Learn how to conduct a thorough oncology history-taking, crucial for accurate diagnosis and personalized cancer treatment.

Paediatric History Taking Techniques and Best Practices

Discover essential paediatric history taking techniques and best practices in this comprehensive guide. Optimize care for young patients.

Communicating with Patients via Email: Dos and Don'ts

Discover 10 dos and don'ts for effective patient communication via email. Build trust, professionalism, and patient-centered care by following our advice.

Who Owns Patients' Medical Records: Clinics or PMS Managers?

We've answered a frequently asked question about medical records ownership. Data processors and data controllers: what's the difference?

The Role of Call Centre Quality Assurance in Customer Satisfaction

Explore strategies and insights to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Improve your contact center’s performance and delight customers with our guide.

Upholding Confidentiality in Health and Social Care

Discover the crucial role of confidentiality in healthcare and social services. Probe the importance of upholding privacy and ethical standards for optimal care

Powerful Chiropractic Marketing Strategies for 2023

Discover effective chiropractic marketing strategy that will help your practice stay ahead of the competition. Learn valuable insights to attract more clients.

Bridging the Gap: Turning Your Medical Writing Publications into Informative Blog Posts

Discover effective strategies for turning medical writing publications into informative blog posts that engage and educate a wider audience.

How Assistive Technology Transforms Lives in Health and Social Care

Explore the effects of assistive technology in health and social care, empowering individuals with disabilities and promoting independence.

Proactive Healthcare Management Solutions for Optimal Patient Outcomes

Discover the benefits of proactive healthcare management solutions for better patient outcomes, and how they improve patient care.

Physiotherapy Body Chart: Implementing Theory, Examples, and Recommendations

Here are examples and instructions for filling out a physio body chart. Keep up with the latest trends in physical therapy note-taking!

The 5 Articles About the Best Medical Practice Management Tips

Read these articles to learn how to easily manage your own medical practice with integrated practice management software.

The 5 Articles That Will Improve Your Patient Care

These top articles will help you work more effectively with your patients in mental health and attract ideal ones to your private practice.

Physical Therapy Progress Note Example: Saving Your Time During The Appointment

Learn more about the steps involved in preparing a physical therapy progress note for your clinic or private practice! Compose a note as well as a template.

Medical Record Keeping: from A to Z

Follow our medical record keeping tips during and after the appointment. Learn about the process of moving to electronic health records for your practice.

Not a Service, but a Help: Marketing Ideas for Your Speech Therapy Practice

Find out about online and offline marketing services for your speech therapy practice: target audience, sales funnel, customer base, and competition.

How to Write Speech Therapy SOAP Notes (with Examples)

You can find the tips and examples for writing SOAP notes for speech therapy in the article! Learn how to use this tool in your private practice.

Getting Ready to Start a Therapy Practice: Everything You Need to Know in One Place

This article will give you an in-depth look at how to start your therapy practice. Learn about expenses, marketing, and creating a business plan in our guide!

Social Media in Healthcare | 7 Tips to Promote Your Clinic

Learn all about the importance of social media in healthcare, its benefits & drawbacks, tips on how to use it, & more.

7+ Effective Ways to Attract Patients to Your Clinic in 2023

Looking to increase patient flow to your clinic? You’ve come to the right place! Learn to market your clinic and drive new patient traffic.

7 Tips for Organizing Electronic Health Records in 2023

Discover 7 useful tips for organizing electronic health records and making the most out of your EHR software.

6 Top Strategies to Boost Patient Acquisition in 2023

Discover the 6 best patient acquisition strategies that will help you attract new patients to your medical practice!

How to Create a Private Practice Business Plan in 6 Easy Steps

Learn how to create an effective private practice business plan in just 6 easy steps. Private practice business plan example included!

6 Top EHR Features to Look Out For (in 2023!)

A list of the top 6 EHR features for any medical clinic. Learn about the best EHR features and how they can benefit your medical practice.

10 Practical Tips for Physical Therapy Marketing in 2023

A list of the best physical therapy marketing strategies for your clinic. Check out our list to take your physical therapy practice to the next level.

All You Need to Know About Medical Staff Training in 2023

Learn everything you need to know about medical staff training with our guide, including 15 benefits, 5 types, and 4 medical staff training tips!

7 Problems in Physical Therapy in 2023 [& How to Tackle Them!]

Learn all about the 7 most common physical therapy problems in 2023 and how to tackle them to improve your physical therapy practice!

Podiatry Marketing - 9 Practical Tactics for 2023

Looking to grow your podiatry clinic? These 9 podiatry marketing tactics can help! Learn how to improve your conversions, drive new patients, and more.

33+ Best Healthcare KPIs and Metrics for Reporting [in 2023]

Looking to maximize the performance of your healthcare facility? The top Key Performance Indicators listed here will help you do just that!

9 Best Medical Practice Management Tips [for 2023]

Want your healthcare management to be on par with your medical services? Our top medical practice management tips are here to guide you!

9 Best Chiropractic Marketing Tips [Effective in 2023]

Looking to grow your chiropractic clinic? We’ve got your back! Discover the 9 best chiropractic marketing tips for 2023 with our guide.

How to Pick the Best EHR for Solo Practice [in 2023]

Looking for EHR for your solo practice? Learn how to pick the best option with our guide! EHR solo practice benefits and features included.

9 Essential Hospital Management Tips in 2023

Effective hospital management is key to providing quality patient care. Learn 9 essential hospital management tips with our guide!

EMR vs PMS: Differences & Advantages in 2023

EMR vs PMS: both are among the most commonly used medical software, but which one is the right one for YOU? Read this article to find out!

EHR vs EMR: Key Differences & Advantages

EHR vs EMR: how are they different? How are they similar? Most importantly, which one does your practice need? Read our article to find out!

EHR for Psychiatry and Behavioral Health - Benefits & Features

Using an EHR system is essential for any psychiatric or behavioral health practice. Learn all you need to know about EHR systems through our article!

7 Benefits of Mental Health EHR Systems [In 2023]

Considering adopting EHR software for your practice? Check out these 7 major benefits of mental health EHR systems!

What Is Medical Practice Management Software (PMS)? [2023]

Looking to effectively manage your clinic? Practice management software is a type of system that helps run your clinic as effectively as possible.

9 Essential Medical Software Features for Every Clinic [in 2023]

Looking to adopt software to help you manage your clinic? Make sure the software you pick has these 9 essential medical software features.

The Rise of Cyberattacks Targeting Healthcare Sector and How Organizations Can Protect Themselves

Learn how to protect healthcare organizations from cyberattacks by utilizing modern practice management software and data backup.

How to Manage Your Private Practice: Keys to Success

Your medical practice will only survive if you stay on track with the business side of it. We have some tips to point you in the right direction.

5 Steps to Working as Your Own Private Practice Manager

The best way to get up to speed quickly as the private practice manager of your own clinical practice is to acquire gold-standard patient management software.

Patient Management Software and its Benefits for Clinicians

Patient management software is vital for private clinics that want to succeed. Let’s look at what your clinic gains from using it.

Hair loss clinics and the next generation of client care

How to build an effective hair loss clinic and patient management with Medesk software. We show you how to benefit quickly from flexible online booking tools.

Medical Practice Management: How to Benefit from a Systematic Approach

Learn how to implement a systematic approach to medical practice management in your private practice and increase your effectiveness.

How to make your EHR work for you

Learn how electronic health records boost your clinical effectiveness by providing information about your patients if implemented correctly.

The Best Tools to Attract Patients to Your Clinic - Part 2

It can be challenging to develop a marketing strategy and bring it to life. In this article, Medesk examines how to leverage the best patient acquisition tools.

Medical Billing: What You Need to Know

Let's take a look at the principles of medical billing for insurance claims and self-pay patients. Learn how to generate medical bills and invoices.

Why Switch from Paper to Electronic Health Records

Learn the benefits of digital solutions in medical practice, and why it is crucial to switch to using electronic health records.

The Telemedicine you have been waiting for

Free video consultations for all Medesk users until 1st June. You can schedule virtual appointments directly from Medesk.

5 Simple Steps Towards Working with Patients Remotely

We will show you how to work with patients if they cannot come to your clinic remotely using practice management software modules.

"We are here to make your work that little bit easier"

Medesk CEO Vladimir Kovalsky talks about the mission of our company: "We are here to support you every day to make your work just that little bit easier.”

How Practice Management Software Creates a Healthy, Transparent and Dynamic Culture in Our Clinic

The manager of The Prime Clinic, Arman Ali told us how to build all the processes in the clinic with the help of Medesk practice management software.

Prepayments and Deposits with Stripe

Stripe integration provides a convenient way to collect prepayments and deposits. Make it easy for patients to understand what they pay for.

How to Choose Medical Practice Management Software for Your Clinic - Full Guide

Choosing a practice management system can be much simpler with our tips. Find out how to make sure whether a given software is suitable for your practice.

Practice Management Software: How to Automate Your Paperwork in 5 Simple Steps

Learn the ways you can use a practice management system to sort out your medical note-taking. Here's how you can enter data smartly.

Practice Management Software: Top 10 Features You Need to Be Looking for in 2023

We will examine fundamental medical practice management software features and discuss the advantages of their use in terms of the patient journey

Practice Management System: The Best Ways to Train Receptionists

With the right training on how to use a practice management software, clinic staff will be able to automate many of their current tasks.

Send Texts to Patients Directly from Medesk

Medesk has just integrated with some of the leading SMS providers in the UK, including Text Magic. Send patients SMS messages straight from the platform.

Online booking is one of the major trends of the year

Patients expect to book an appointment with their private doctor online. Medesk simplifies the patient journey to your clinic with online booking solutions.

How to Promote Your Practice Properly with Practice Management Software

Carefully considered business strategy supported by medical practice management software is the best strategy to promote your practice properly.

How to Be a Doctor

In the first post in our new blog series, “How to Be a Doctor”, Marites Cross tells us about her priorities as a healthcare practitioner.

3 Problems You Can Solve with Medical Practice Management Software

Let's look at 3 common problems that can be fixed with medical software: the patient journey, experience and using big data.

Analyzing Business Activity with Practice Management Software

In the third part of Andrew Morozoff's insight we discuss the most effective ways to transform the clinic with the help of practice management software.

Delivering the Benefits of Digital Health with Practice Management Software

Vladimir Kovalskiy, CEO of Medesk, speaks about the benefits of digital tools in boosting your clinic’s business performance.

The Power of Having the Right Information: Part 2 of Our Interview with Dr. Suvir Venkataraman

Learn how to make the most of the team members’ experience in our interview with Dr. Suvir Venkataraman, General Manager of Harley Street Fertility Clinic.

Bringing the Right Energy and Drive to Your Practice: Part 1 of Our Interview with Dr Suvir Venkataraman

Dr. Suvir Venkataraman, General Manager of Harley Street Fertility Clinic, shares his life lessons from which new and seasoned practice managers can learn.

“Start the Car If You Expect It to Move”, interview with Marites Cross, Part 2

Marites Cross, managing director of East Anglia Ultrasound Services, outlines the benefits of the most effective time management skills and tools.

“Learn to Treat Failure as a Challenge”, Interview with Marites Cross, Part 1

Marites Cross, managing director at East Anglia Ultrasound Services tells us all about what it takes to provide the ultimate patient satisfaction.

Real Integration of Services Makes All the Difference: Part 2

Dr Stefaan Vossen, clinical director and founder of Core Clinics, shares the main dos and don’ts for practice managers as the role of digital health increases.

Leveraging Digital Health and Big Data to Enhance Your Practice: Part 2

Carl Walker, NQICAN chair, discusses how you can leverage digital health to create dynamic solutions for the patient experience and your clinic’s prospects.

How to Boost Your Clinical Practice with Evidence-based Audit: Part 1

With Clinical Audit Awareness Week approaching, NQICAN chair Carl Walker shows us how to use an evidence-based approach to improve our clinical practice.

Seeing is Believing: Part 3

Dr Kate Silvester shares her thoughts on how private practices can benefit from managing their systems and avoiding common mistakes too easy to make.

Clinic Sessions as Production Lines: Part 2

Dr. Kate Silvester, an expert in clinical systems improvement, on how clinicians learn about productivity from professional fields outside healthcare.

Clinic Sessions as Production Lines: Efficient Time Management in Medical Practice

In our interview, Dr. Kate Silvester, a UK specialist in clinical systems improvement, discusses efficient time management in medical practices.

"Patients need to be viewed as consumers of their own health", - interview with Liz Ashall-Payne, part 3

Liz Ashall-Payne, CEO and founder of ORCHA, names major challenges about implementation of digital health.

"Don’t start with the product; start with the problem", - interview with Liz Ashall-Payne, part 2

Liz Ashall-Payne, CEO and founder of ORCHA, told us how doctors and patients could take advantage of digital health.

Industry news in brief

This month’s industry nibs include nominated trusts in the running for best global digital exemplar, and how much NHS trusts are spending per day on PCs.

Patients as Customers: A More Effective Approach to Medical Practice Management (part 2)

Keith Pollard, CEO of Intuition Communication, speaks about the ways for private doctors to improve their practice management and attract more patients.

Monthly app and mobile round up

In our September app and mobile round up, we discuss an app to help those with Tinnitus, a glucose reader, and an early warning device for pregnant women.

Cybersecurity news round-up

This cybersecurity for health IT round-up covers the risk of “brainjacking”, the need for updates and the reveal of 20 Women of Influence in cybersecurity.

The most notable digital health trends of 2017 so far

With healthcare and technology merging, digital health is getting new innovations at a quickening pace. Learn about notable digital health trends in our blog.

Healthcare IT news round-up

This months’ healthcare IT round-up discusses contracts with Avon Breast Screening, DMC Imaging, and other digital mews around the globe.

Trust Me, I’m A Doctor: Dealing With Data In The New Digital Health Age

We discuss today how the new digital age has changed healthcare in terms of monitoring, measuring, and recording symptoms using data.

Digital health companies generate over £1bn turnover in 2016

“The digital health segment has a total of 427 companies. The segment employs 9,600 people and has a total turnover of £1bn,” a new UK government report shows.

What we learned from 100+ digital health CEOs

Rockhealth brings together digital health CEOs for discussions about healthcare technology companies. Here are a few consensuses that really struck a chord.

Mobile and app news in brief

This month’s news includes an app to help children navigate hospitals, a technology to assist with handovers and a health company receiving a NICE endorsement.

The Fallout From a Global Cyberattack: ‘A Battle We’re Fighting Every Day’

Dive into the topic of fighting global cyberattacks and the mechanism by which the malicious software got into the computers and then spread.

Millennials are shunning the NHS in favour of private GP appointments

Why are millennials shunning the NHS in favour of private GP appointments and a same-day service? We have figured it out.

2017 Global healthcare outlook: Making progress against persistent challenges

Today we highlight the key findings from the global healthcare sector report including the challenges of providing and funding health care around the globe.

Healthcare Analytics: The lessons that can be gleaned from around the world

David Bolton, Qlik’s Global Industry Solutions director, speculates on different examples of healthcare tech initiatives from around the world.