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Medesk is a reliable platform for simple and effective private practice management, helping you to analyse and improve your workflow.

Features to Boost Your Private Practice Management

Clinic Software that Empowers Thousands of Private Practice Managers and Practitioners Daily

Medesk practice management software is a cloud-based platform that helps you to simplify the operation of your practice, making you and your colleagues a lot happier.

As the practice manager, you'll get a complete account of how your practice is running. We provide a full range of statistics on phone calls, medical services rendered, patient retention rate and doctors' workload distribution. In the meantime, your patients will get automatic reminders of the dates and times of their appointments, and they'll be able to book an appointment online at their own convenience.

5 Best Tips to Get Your Practice Management Software Up and Running

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Ready-Made Solutions for Your Practice

Best Practice Management System for a Solo Practitioner

Going solo doesn’t have to be scary anymore!


  • Marites Cross
    Marites Cross
    Managing Director, East Anglia Ultrasound Services
    Medesk is perfect for a small business like East Anglia Ultrasound Services Ltd. The support they provide is beyond our expectations!
  • Milena Adamian
    Milena Adamian
    MD, PhD, Managing Partner, Azimuth Ventures
    One of the most impressive companies I had a pleasure to meet recently. Right approach, great market, amazing and focused team.
  • Esther Dyson
    Esther Dyson
    Executive founder of Way to Wellville, active angel investor, and director of 23andMe, Luxoft, Wellpass and Yandex
    Just what the doctor ordered - sensible, practical communication and worfklow tools to make medical care more effective.
  • Mr Rob Laycock
    Mr Rob Laycock
    Consultant Facial Plastic Surgeon, Liverpool Facial Aesthetics
    Happy so far. Service has been excellent when I’ve had problems.

How to Choose Practice Management Software for Your Clinic

No matter how big or small your clinic is, finding the best practice management software for your needs is essential. An ideal practice management system should be:

Medesk is full of features and can be tailored to specifically what you need. It's the perfect platform for uniting patient relationship management with electronic health records.

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Not Just a Private Practice Software

Friendly Interface

With Medesk medical practice management software, you don’t need to spend too much time completing lengthy tutorials. The simple interface makes for far less hassle for practitioners, receptionists and practice managers.


Our main priority is to guarantee the security of all practice and patient data. We protect the data transfer link and segregate access based on the professional roles you assign to your colleagues. Medesk private practice management software operates as securely as a bank, except that it’s for medical practices.

Free Chat and Email Support 7 Days a Week

We’re ready and willing to help you around the clock. Our experienced technical support team will be glad to answer your questions and make sure that Medesk practice management software UK is as convenient to use as ever.

Patient Management

By automating your patient communications and yet keeping them as personalised as possible, Medesk ensures your patient retention is as high as can be.

How to Train Your Staff to Use a Practice Management Software

To ensure that your practice gets the most out of our practice management software, you’ll need to train your colleagues in how to adapt their workflow to the digital world. Fortunately, this is exceptionally easy when you take advantage of on-screen training options provided by Medesk.

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How Do I Know This Practice Management Software Will Suit My Clinic Well?

Medesk consultants have experience of both healthcare management and clinical practice. During your advisory session a Medesk specialist:

  1. Helps you to solve the most painful practice management problems

  2. Tells you which data you need to prepare for migration and in which format

  3. Teaches you how to optimise your workflow for the digital world

  4. Demonstrates the benefits of automating your consultation notes

  5. Shows you the most sought-after features coming up this year and next

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