Practice Management Software for Better Quality of Care

Medesk is a reliable platform for simple and effective private practice management, helping you to analyse and improve your workflow.
Practice Management Software for Better Quality of Care

Features to Boost Your Private Practice Management

Medical Software that Empowers Thousands of Private Practice Managers and Practitioners in the UK

Medesk practice management software is a cloud-based platform that helps you to simplify the operation of your practice, making you and your colleagues a lot happier.

As the practice manager, you'll get a complete account of how your practice is running. We provide a full range of statistics on phone calls, medical services rendered, patient retention rate and doctors' workload distribution. In the meantime, your patients will get automatic reminders of the dates and times of their appointments, and they'll be able to book an appointment online at their own convenience.

5 Best Tips to Get Your Practice Management Software Up and Running

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If you are looking for a practice management software that does so much more than your standard package, then Medesk is for you. It can help take your practice to the next level by cutting down on administrative tasks whilst letting you establish the most concise marketing strategy all in one product. Medesk is packed with expertise and beneficial features yet is still a simple to use software. Fully customisable and bespoke dependent on your practice, with a high level of support available, it really does tick all the boxes.

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Ready-Made Solutions for Your Private Practice

The Medesk practice management software offers a comprehensive COVID pack with every new subscription

Whatever you need to do for your patients and practice relating to coronavirus, quarantine, and lockdown, Medesk has it covered:

  • Pre-screen patients for coronavirus symptoms during online booking
  • Track patients and keep an eye on their status at a glance
  • Adopt a deposit scheme to ensure you cover your overheads for each appointment
  • Produce a range of documents such as Fit to Travel letters to use at the click of a button
  • Generate statistics on COVID test results so you can report easily

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Not Just a Medical Software

Friendly Interface

With Medesk medical practice management software, you don’t need to spend too much time completing lengthy tutorials. The simple interface makes for far less hassle for practitioners, receptionists and practice managers.


Our main priority is to guarantee the security of all practice and patient data. We protect the data transfer link and segregate access based on the professional roles you assign to your colleagues. Medesk private practice management software operates as securely as a bank, except that it’s for medical practices.

Free Chat and Email Support 7 Days a Week

We’re ready and willing to help you around the clock. Our experienced technical support team will be glad to answer your questions and make sure that Medesk practice management software UK is as convenient to use as ever.

Patient Management

By automating your patient communications and yet keeping them as personalised as possible, Medesk ensures your patient retention is as high as can be.

Google Calendar and iCal Integration

When receptionists add new appointments to your clinic schedule in Medesk, the location and date/time will be synced daily with your Google Calendar or iCal. You can easily work in multiple locations even on a single day and be sure that patients know exactly where to find you. It’s perfect for combining NHS work with your private practice, too.

Medesk – practice management software that helps you to optimise your clinical effectiveness, and the patient experience as a whole

Effective Patient Management with Medesk Software

Medesk allows you to automate the patient management process with the following tools:

Reduce Your Workload and Boost Patient Engagement

Fulfill your clinical role effectively with good patient management software

Patient management is not just about fostering a good clinic-patient relationship and developing a rapport with your patients. It's also about managing patients in the sense of recognising their problems, tracking their progress, and providing the best possible treatment plans.

Medesk patient management tools will help you to:

  • Track medications and related diagnoses to ensure that your practice complies with regulations and provides the best evidence-based care

  • Create lists of patient subgroups and send useful information to them all in bulk, e.g. for diabetes, high blood pressure

  • Enter your consultation notes in the EHR in a standardised manner that can be understood even by those unfamiliar with a patient's case

  • Use video consultations to help vulnerable patients to access healthcare when they otherwise can’t physically get to your clinic

The main aspects of patient management

Practice management software that gives you the very best tools at hand to make the most out of your formidable skillset

Here are just some of the most common issues that you can solve with Medesk:

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Medesk is a platform that aims to bring together everything private practice manager needs to succeed

Practice manager software with a built-in payroll calculator

Medesk aims to make payroll calculations easier to handle by tracking your colleagues' work and giving you all the numbers you need to pay out the correct amounts.
  • Generate reports for specific time periods including calendar and business days

  • Split payment schemes into fixed and bonus aspects

  • Work out the commission due using fixed values and percentages

  • Offer different bonuses depending on the service or product involved

  • Create bonus schemes for clinicians and admin staff alike

The Medesk clinic management software makes sure you get your advertising right

Our Analytics module will support your decision-making all the way by helping you to:
  • Learn which are your most cost-effective patient acquisition channels

  • Segment your patient cohort and discover what kind of advertising works well for each group

  • Understand which services and clinicians are most popular

  • Make evidence-based decisions to cut costs and optimise your marketing plan

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Handling Billing and Payments with Medical Software

Whether you have a private practice manager to help or you're handling the finances yourself, doing so with a dedicated software solution enables you to:

  • Create a clear schedule with attached services for your upcoming appointments

  • Link billing to specific appointments so clients know exactly what they are paying for

  • Take prepayments as part of online booking to cover your overheads in advance

  • Use automated emails that tell clients how to pay the reminder of their bill online

  • Sync your Medesk invoices with Xero to give your accountant all the information they need

Medical Billing: What You Need to Know

Medesk – Private practice software that offers video consultations

Let patients choose a virtual consultation if they don’t want to travel.

How to Use Medesk Meet for Online Consultations

Ideal Practice Management Software for Your Clinic

No matter how big or small your clinic is, finding the best practice management software for your needs is essential. Medesk is full of features and can be tailored to specifically what you need:

It's the perfect platform for uniting patient management with electronic health records.

How to Train Your Staff to Use a Practice Management Software

A good private practice manager always takes into consideration how their colleagues and patients are going to perceive and react to changes. While you surely have the best intentions for your clinic, it’s crucial that you enact any improvements in a way that is conducive to collaboration and the development of a pleasant workplace culture.

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How Do I Know This Practice Management Software Will Suit My Clinic Well?

Medesk consultants have experience of both healthcare management and clinical practice. During your advisory session a Medesk specialist:

  1. Helps you to solve the most painful practice management problems

  2. Tells you which data you need to prepare for migration and in which format

  3. Teaches you how to optimise your workflow for the digital world

  4. Demonstrates the benefits of automating your consultation notes

  5. Shows you the most sought-after features coming up this year and next

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Media About Us


  • Deborah Creedy
    Deborah Creedy
    Glasgow Medical Rooms, Practice Manager
    The team at Glasgow Medical Rooms felt that the growth of the Practice required a bespoke software system for patient records and appointments. The process is almost at completion, support from the Medesk team has been excellent and responsive and we have a system which is user friendly and programmed to our individual needs.
  • Victoria Fenton
    Victoria Fenton
    Integrative Medicine, Personalised Wellbeing
    Such a great, customisable system which will save me time, maintain absolute professionalism and makes running the management side of my business so simple.
  • Dr Hind Al-Husain
    Dr Hind Al-Husain
    The Holistic Womens Clinic, Founder and Holistic Gynaecologist
    I was very impressed with the professionalism and care taken to setup Medesk as my practice management system. Whilst dealing with Dr May, I was confident in his ability to deliver the product I wanted in the way I wanted - which he did in the time frame agreed and was readily accessible throughout. Medesk is a fantastic system which is intuitive, user-friendly and very easy to use without any loss of high-end functionality and is fully compliant with all legislation.
  • Shirley McDonald
    Shirley McDonald
    Consultant Trichologist, The Institute Of Trichologists
    The best booking system if you have more than one employee. The support provided was great. Platform offers a bunch of customised features. Could be not as competitive as other similar products however, does offer more overall.