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Online Mental Health Clinics: The Fundamentals You Need to Know

Mental healthcare is one of those lucky specialities where you can use online consultations to provide top-quality care without your patients visiting you in person. However, there's a lot to consider to guarantee your clinic benefits of working online. Join this video course to learn what Medesk can do so your clinic can not just survive, but thrive online.

You will be able to conduct online patient appointments directly in Medesk. There is no need to use personal numbers, employee contacts or third-party programs. Within the platform, all actions and connections are performed on behalf of your clinic.

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The fundamental of running a digital mental health practice with online booking

Smart and inclusive online booking makes all the difference when it comes to patient acquisition over the internet. There's all sorts you can do, including pre-screening, making referral programs and more.

How to actively encourage attendance at your psychology practice

You can actively encourage patients to attend appointments in several ways, including the use of online deposits and regular, useful reminders that can be made automatic.

How to pre-screen your patients as an integral part of the online booking process

One of the main concerns that mental health practitioners have about online booking is that all kinds of unsuitable patients may end up booking. Watch how you can pre-screen your patients with a pop-up questionnaire that plays an integral role in the Medesk online booking process.

How to provide your mental health patients with as much value as possible ahead of their appointments

Encouraging patients to book online and then attend their appointments can be hard. The solution is to be demonstrate as much value as possible, send out bespoke yet automated reminders, and offer to switch to a video call if the patient looks like they aren't going to show up.

How both patients and clinicians stand to benefit from telemedicine done properly

Telemedicine is ideally suited for conducting all manner of psychological consultations. Take a look at some of the surprising benefits to both clinicians and patients.

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