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Top 7 Jane App Alternatives: Main Features and Prices

The Jane app has made its mark with user-friendliness, branding options, and integrated virtual consultations. But just like finding the right pair of shoes, the perfect practice management software depends on the individual needs of a healthcare provider. If you're exploring alternatives to Jane Clinic software, buckle up for an overview of various medical practice software, each with its own unique features and functionality.

In this guide, we will examine some of the top Jane App alternatives: Medesk, Cliniko, CareCloud, Carepatron, PracticePal, Power Diary, and WriteUpp.

1. Medesk

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Medesk is an assistant for clinic managers, collects and presents complex statistics about the work of the clinic in a simple and understandable way, that makes it easier for the manager to make both operational and strategic decisions.

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Starting at just £12 per month, Medesk empowers practices of all sizes with powerful tools. Manage appointments, store patient records, and boost efficiency with features like:

The Medesk practice management solution offers distinct advantages:

  • Enjoy a more affordable alternative to competitors like Jane, especially for larger practices.
  • Track acquisition channels with the unique Acquisition Channel Statistics feature, optimising your marketing efforts without extra fees.
  • Protect your practice from fraudulent bookings with country-based restrictions, reducing confirmation costs and boosting patient portal security.
  • Medesk surpasses the competition with intuitive graphs and charts, simplifying complex medical data for clinicians and administrators alike.

Choose Medesk for:

Flexibility: Scale seamlessly, paying only for the appointments you need.

Customisation: Adapt with 20+ customisable modules to fit your unique practice needs.

User-friendly interface: Enjoy a smooth, intuitive interface for effortless adoption.

Medesk Pricing

Medesk offers three plans:

  1. Mini
  2. Pro
  3. and Premium.


Explore the full platform with a free trial of the Pro plan.

Begin with the Mini plan to unlock a comprehensive array of essential clinic functionalities: scheduling, patient records management, document template printing, consultation templates, electronic health records (EHR), task management, email appointment notifications, acquisition channel statistics, and a mobile app. Rest assured, all plans offer transparency and clarity, devoid of any unforeseen extra charges.

Medesk compared with Jane


2. Cliniko


Cliniko starts at £29 per practitioner monthly, with a free, no-credit-card trial available.

Streamline your practice with features like:

Cliniko offers:

  • Personalised patient portals: Create unique URLs for patients to easily schedule appointments themselves.
  • Seamless data collection: Integrate with Google Tag Manager for in-depth analysis and insights.
  • Proactive healthcare: Add medical alerts to patient profiles for personalised, informed care.

Cliniko Pricing

Prices at Cliniko depend on the number of practitioners in your clinic, starting at £29 per month per practitioner.


The practice management system offers a 30-day free trial. SMS appointment reminders cost an additional 5p each, regardless of the subscription plan.

Cliniko compared with Jane


3. CareCloud


Starting at $349/month/provider, CareCloud offers a powerful suite of tools to streamline your practice operations, from scheduling and patient engagement to billing and data analysis.

Think of it as a one-stop shop for:

  • Manage appointments effortlessly with a clear calendar, colour-coded specialists, and filterable views.
  • Engage patients through a custom portal, self-service kiosks, and diverse payment options.
  • Choose from CareCloud Charts, talkEHR, or VertexDR to manage patient data securely and efficiently.
  • Gain insights with customisable reports and analytics to improve performance.
  • Deliver virtual care securely and conveniently on any device.

Formerly known as MTBC, CareCloud caters to clinics of all sizes, helping optimise patient care delivery, cut costs, and expand your reach. While users mention some initial learning curves, the platform boasts several advantages:

Automated reminders: Reduce no-shows with timely SMS and email alerts.

Seamless integrations: Connect with various tools to simplify your workflow.

AI-powered EHR: Streamline documentation and data management.

CareCloud Pricing

CareCloud tailors its pricing to different user needs.

CareCloud Central: Starting at $349/provider/month, this plan offers an EHR system, practice management tools, and a patient portal to handle core medical operations.

CareCloud Complete: Expanding on Central, this $629/provider/month plan adds features like e-prescribing, lab integration, and comprehensive reporting for deeper practice insights.

CareCloud Concierge: Seeking premium customer support? For a percentage of your collections, Concierge offers a dedicated team to maximise platform usage and optimise your workflow.

Compared to Janeapp cost, CareCloud's plans tend to be pricier. Additionally, a three-year contract commitment is required, which might not align with every clinic's needs.

CareCloud compared with Jane


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Starting at just $12 per user per month, Carepatron offers a robust suite of features for streamlined clinic management. Plus, enjoy the benefits of a free plan to get started.

Boost efficiency with:

  • Seamless online booking: simplify appointment scheduling with a clear colour-coded calendar.
  • Comprehensive client management: store everything from demographics to documents in one secure place.
  • Effortless note-taking: utilise extensive note templates and transcribe live audio for lightning-fast documentation.
  • Integrated telehealth: connect with patients virtually, even on the free plan, using HIPAA-compliant video calls.
  • Enhanced patient engagement: accept online bookings and offer a convenient client portal powered by Stripe.

Carepatron ensures client information is always protected with individual permissions and client assignments for each staff member.

Carepatron Pricing

Carepatron offers users three pricing plans:

  • Starter (Free)
  • Professional
  • Organisation


There are no additional upfront costs or minimum contract commitments. Payment processing incurs a charge of 2.9% plus 30¢ per transaction.

Carepatron compared with Jane


5. PracticePal


Starting at just £25 per month, unlock a 30-day free trial and experience PracticePal's transformative approach to practice management.

Key Features:

Since 2006, this software solution has been relied upon by countless practitioners, handling all major clinical management tasks with ease.

PracticePal welcomes you with a familiar calendar interface to schedule appointments effortlessly with multi-practitioner and multi-location views.

Empower your patients with the integrated patient portal. Seamlessly book appointments, make secure payments through Stripe (immediate or deposits), and track their balance with ease on their personal dashboard.

But here's what truly sets PracticePal apart: free internal messaging. Collaborate with your team effortlessly, streamlining communication and boosting efficiency.

PracticePal Pricing

The standard price is £25 per month. Here's what it includes.


Each additional module costs £3 per month (each), including:

  • online booking
  • notes
  • recall, etc.

An extra account will cost an additional £1 to £5, depending on its type.

PracticePal compared with Jane


6. Power Diary


Test-drive Power Diary for free for 14 days. Paid plans start at £16 per month.

Power Diary is a leading UK medical management platform with 12+ modules to streamline your practice.

Key features:

  • Unlike competitors like Jane, Power Diary offers built-in two-way SMS chat with clients. This saves time clarifying details before or after appointments, but note that message costs can add up. See the pricing section for details.
  • Organise your schedule with precision using Power Diary's calendar. Customise appointment types with easily recognisable flags. The multiple practitioner view shows schedules for all specialists, ideal for coordinating team efforts.
  • Embrace virtual consultations seamlessly with telehealth options. Choose the standard plan for basic video calls, or upgrade to unlock group connections, screen sharing, mirrored views, and enhanced chat functionality.
  • Manage your client base effectively. Create organised lists, assign tags for targeted marketing, and store referral details for future reference. Avoid last-minute gaps with waitlists, ensuring practitioners stay productive.
  • Empower clients with self-service through the portal. Generate unique links for specific client groups to enable online appointment booking at their convenience. Power Diary integrates seamlessly with Stripe, streamlining online payment processing.
  • Gain valuable insights with comprehensive analytics. Dive into four key categories: Activity, Clients, Financial, and System. Export or print reports for deeper analysis, although note that graphical representations are not available.

Power Diary Pricing

The platform offers four ready-made plans and one customisable pricing plan for your practice, depending on its size. There is a 14-day free trial for clinics of any size.

If you decide to continue, you have access to four fixed plans at a special price with a 50% discount.

Each SMS sent costs £0.09 in any plan.


Power Diary compared with Jane


7. WriteUpp


Starting at £14.95 per user per month, with a free trial available.

WriteUpp streamlines your practice operations, putting everything you need on one secure, cloud-based platform. Designed for mental health specialists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and more, it empowers you to:

With "Diary," manage your calendar effortlessly. Add new patients, set recurring appointments, and seamlessly integrate invoices for streamlined billing.

The dedicated "Client Records" section provides a clear overview of each client. Access key information, health details, contact details, and any third-party involvement at a glance. Use the built-in filter options across all modules for quick and easy data organisation.

Choose from three pre-built note templates to suit your needs: a blank canvas, structured SOAP notes, or a dedicated treatment plan format. Customise these templates to align perfectly with your clinic's workflows.

The internal messaging system facilitates smooth communication with colleagues within your clinic. And for remote consultations, WriteUpp offers 1000 free video minutes during your 30-day trial, allowing you to connect with patients virtually without additional charges.

WriteUpp Pricing

Pricing depends on the number of users. For one user, it will cost £14.95/month. If you need the online booking module, its inclusion will cost an additional £4.95/month per practice.


Additionally, you can purchase SMS credits in bundles (5p/credit) and video consultation minutes (1p/min).

WriteUpp compared with Jane


Selecting the right Jane alternative means prioritising your practice's specific needs. Medesk and Cliniko excel in video consultations, while CareCloud scales alongside your practice's growth. For smaller setups, Carepatron shines. Prioritise simplicity with PracticePal or user-friendliness with WriteUpp, while Power Diary fosters teamwork.

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