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How to Take Your Practice Online and Help Self-Isolating Patients

How to Take Your Practice Online and Help Self-Isolating Patients
Watch our video masterclass and learn how to as productive as possible working with patients on a virtual basis.

At Medesk, we have plenty of experience of working remotely, whether from home or while on the move. Our experts are very used to working with clinics on a virtual basis.

To make sure that you are able to stay as productive as possible in these trying times, business development manager Michael May has put together a webinar to help you adapt to running your clinic remotely.

You will be able to conduct online patient appointments directly in Medesk. There is no need to use personal numbers, employee contacts or third-party programs. Within the platform, all actions and connections are performed on behalf of your clinic.

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Learn how to:

  • How to approach consulting with telemedicine
  • Make the most of online booking and prepayments
  • Cut down on no-shows and cancellations with automated SMS/email reminders
  • Keeping in touch with your patients and colleagues

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