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How to Be a Doctor

Marites Cross
October 4, 2018

We are pleased to present the first post in our new blog series, entitled “How to Be a Doctor”. We’ll share the experiences and opinions of some of the best medical specialists in the UK, including select Medesk clients and partners.

Today, we asked Marites Cross, managing director and practising ultrasonographer at East Anglia Ultrasound Services to tell us all about her priorities as a healthcare practitioner.

Treat the experience as a challenge

I decided to become a sonographer because I can have the opportunity to interact with patients and share the joy to patients when I am telling them the good news.

My definition of a good clinician is - sympathetic, knowledgeable and responsive.

In my opinion, the top three qualities that make a successful healthcare practitioner are professionalism, communication skills and knowledgeability.

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For me, the best clinics are defined by the quality of service offered to their clients or patients.

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Over the next decade, medical practice in the UK will change so that the private providers can integrate with the NHS to improve the experience of patients.

What I enjoy most about my job is giving the best quality of care that I would like to deliver to all patients.

Build your strength

If I could give one piece of advice to my fellow practice managers, I would say: quality of service should be the priority, not the quantity of clients seen.

If you would like to achieve something, then you should never give up. No matter what the challenges are in front of you, don’t stop because this is how you build your strength.

You shouldn’t treat failure as a reason not to carry on. Instead, treat the experience as a challenge. You can do it!

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