Payroll Support for Private Medical Practices

Handling the payroll at your clinic is an integral part of medical practice management but it's not always easy if you're working it out in a spreadsheet or even by hand. To minimise the risk of human error and any disputes arising, it makes sense to use a practice manager software platform with a built-in payroll calculator. Medesk looks at your colleagues' real activity recorded in the platform and works out how much they are due so you don't have to.

Medical Practice Management and Payroll Calculations

Medesk aims to make payroll calculations easier to handle by tracking your colleagues' work and giving you all the numbers you need to pay out the correct amounts.
  • Generate reports for specific time periods including calendar and business days

  • Split payment schemes into fixed and bonus aspects

  • Work out the commission due using fixed values and percentages

  • Offer different bonuses depending on the service or product involved

  • Create bonus schemes for clinicians and admin staff alike

Flexible Bonus Calculations

The Payroll module helps you gather the evidence you need to reward your colleagues for their efforts in a fair and transparent way.

Here are some of the rules you can set in the Medesk platform to calculate bonuses:

  • Associate bonuses with whole appointments, individual services or bills paid

  • Set different bonus percentages depending on the specific services and products sold

  • Apply bonuses to your receptionists' salaries for the number of bookings made

  • Use Medesk Analytics to break down service provision cost and profitability

  • Alter bonus rates depending on what you learn from the Analytics module

How Do You Know How Much Bonuses Should Be Worth?

It's all well and good using a bonus payment scheme to incentivise your colleagues to work harder and more efficiently, but you need to do it right. You must ensure it makes sense to implement your chosen plan for your business. As a private practice manager, you'll need to keep enough money back to invest back into the clinic amongst other things.

The Medesk Analytics module is ideal for understanding where to start with your payroll as it helps you:

  • Learn which services and practitioners are most popular with patients
  • See cancellations and other negative outcomes in relation to practitioners and services
  • Find out how many patients attend one appointment and never come back
  • Discover how much revenue is being earned in each situation
  • View profitability ratings in percentage points for your clear understanding

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