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Practice Management Software That Does More Than a Standard Package

Medesk’s numerous features set it firmly apart from other practice Management Software packages, giving the user not just the expected basics but also intelligent reports to help analyse marketing strategies. Medesk’s features include scheduling, online booking, electronic health records, reports, task management, consultation templates, security and integration.

It is extremely simple to access Medesk, as it is a cloud-based platform there is no requirements to download software. It also means that it is accessible via all devices so that during a busy clinic day there is no need to lug in a heavy laptop when it is possible to use a smartphone or tablet. The clever interface seamlessly changes to suit the device you are using, meaning no frustrating wrong-sized pages or non-responsive buttons to contend with.

Medesk is an assistant for clinic managers, collects and presents complex statistics about the work of the clinic in a simple and understandable way, that makes it easier for the manager to make both operational and strategic decisions.

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Creating appointments within Medesk is very straightforward and user-friendly, it is possible to choose between a day/week/month view of the schedule. When scheduling an appointment simply click on the time and day the client wishes to book up, and a pop-up box appears in which various information can be entered. Depending on whether the client is a new or returning one, their data can be inputted, and the purpose of their visit recorded if necessary.

schedule-state1-OUT-v1-UK (2)

The duration of standard appointment times can be pre-set when first setting up Medesk to save time when inputting appointments in the future. If the client is coming to your practice for their first appointment, when ‘first time’ is selected this creates a star next to the clients name on the schedule so that the practitioner is aware they may need to read up on any client notes or prepare any initial appointment forms.

Selecting the acquisition channel is an incredibly useful feature within setting up appointments, as this can then be used to create a report to find out what advertising is working for your practice and where your clients are finding out about you. Another beneficial element is the ability to send a notification to the client reminding them that they have an appointment booked and the time/date.

sms reminder with link

Various other features include re-scheduling and duplicating appointments at the click of a button; viewing the schedule by room bookings rather than practitioner; the capability to create and sign contracts between practitioner and client; being prevented from double booking appointments for both practitioner and room. If you have in your mind a useful tool to have in a practice management software then Medesk most likely has already thought of it!

Online Booking

One of my favourite aspects of Medesk is the online booking facility, where clients can view your schedule and book an appointment themselves, taking away the necessity for ringing up to book, and saving both you and them time.

An online appointment booking link can be embedded in the practitioner’s website, social media pages and anywhere else that might be useful. Clients can choose a time and date convenient to them, fill out an online booking form and even pay in advance (either in full or a deposit) for their appointment by using the online payment platform Stripe.

[uk] Online booking stripe

This is a highly bespoke feature that can be customised and branded to fit in with your practice’s image. If client’s booking an appointment themselves without speaking with you first doesn’t suit the nature of therapy practice that you run, an alternative is to have a call-back option before the appointment can be booked.

Through the booking link, detailed reports will be able to tell you where the client found your practice and even more handy by using google analytics you can see if a client drops out of the booking process at any point. This information is extremely valuable as it allows for streamlining of marketing resources.

Watch our expert's video on how you can make sure that patients leave their real contact details during online booking?

Electronic Health Records

Being able to run a paperless practice where all the information needed is stored in one secure place is something that many practitioners dream of! Within Medesk’s practice management software this is made into a reality. Client’s medical history, a log of communication and storage for any uploaded documents are amongst the many features of this component.

Forms and documents can also be created and saved within your client’s record. This is one factor that especially illustrates how Medesk know their user base and want to make life as easy as possible for practitioners. They provide customisable templates for all the various letters, prescriptions, invoices and questionnaires that might be required.

Patient record (EHR) uk

A vital part of any practice management software is the ability to create invoices and bill clients for the services provided. Medesk simplifies this process with multiple useful functions including: the creation of invoices; an account balance on each clients record; the ability to add funds or refund a client; and a section to add in any insurance policies if the client is not privately funding. As well as the option to integrate Stripe for prepayments and deposits, there is also the possibility to integrate Xero for convenient accounting and financial reporting.

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I felt that the support and training offered by Medesk deserved a section to itself as it really is exceptional and is included at no additional cost. When a new practice joins, all members of staff who will be using the software are given remote training on the sections that they will using. This seems a very sensible way of making sure users have enough knowledge yet won’t be overwhelmed with having to learn and remember how to use features that just won’t be necessary in their role.

Medesk have a live-chat support team ready to assist with any queries seven days a week, including help with creating document templates or solving technical issues. Whilst trialling the demo version, I tested the claim that my live chat question would be replied to within 10 minutes and was not surprised to find that I was answered by a human being (not a bot!) before the 10 minutes had passed.

Their staff are extremely knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about the software. There is also a wealth of support information available made up of articles, video guides, frequently asked questions and manuals.


Throughout my review I’ve written about various reports that can be generated to find out how your practice is performing. This is a valuable and unique tool that delivers statistics in an easy to interpret way with charts and graphs. Fully customisable to each practice, so much information can be discovered, for example: the most popular day of visiting the practice; the most popular service that clients are using; or which advertising campaigns are the most successful. From this data informed decisions can then be made to tailor where money is spent on advertising or focusing on quieter days to promote special offers.


Task Management

For any practice being organised and on top of any outstanding tasks is a necessity. Medesk allows tasks to be created and there is a separate section on the menu dedicated to upcoming tasks, reminding users of what needs to be completed. This is not only helpful for practitioners but allows for high-quality care to be provided and makes sure important information is not forgotten.

tasks en


An essential part of all practices is to make sure security is tight and in line with GDPR standards. Reassuringly Medesk is built with this in mind, as it is secure and encrypted, using the same high-security centres as financial institutions. Data is backed up but importantly can also be permanently deleted upon request – in psychotherapy practices once seven years has passed from the last appointment with a client then records related to that client must then be destroyed, this is simple to do with Medesk and by having to request that it be deleted means unintended permanent removal of data is covered for.


If you are looking for a practice management software that does so much more than your standard package, then Medesk is for you. It can help take your practice to the next level by cutting down on administrative tasks whilst letting you establish the most concise marketing strategy all in one product. Medesk is packed with expertise and beneficial features yet is still a simple to use software. Fully customisable and bespoke dependent on your practice, with a high level of support available, it really does tick all the boxes.


Overall rating: 5/5

Ease of installation: N/A – cloud-based

User-friendliness: 5/5

Help and support: 5/5

Value for money: 4/5

Cost: Dependent on size of clinic, the number of users and individual modules needed. £110 a month is the average cost, however it can vary from £50 - £300 a month.

About the author: Hannah Emery has worked at a thriving psychotherapy practice for many years as an administrative assistant and currently works for four individual therapists assisting with their administration.

Source: Private Practice Hub

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