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How Private Practice Software Helps to Improve Patient Acquisition

How Private Practice Software Helps to Improve Your Approach to Patient Acquisition

It's crucial that you take an analytical approach to how your medical business is run, both for the benefit of your clinic and your patients. It's only by digging a little deeper and understanding what your patients need and why they find your services valuable that you can truly see where to go next. If you're looking to develop your clinic, read on to discover how medical practice management software can help you grow sustainably into the future.

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Make Sure You Spend Your Advertising Budget Wisely

As a private practice manager, part of your job is to represent your clinic in the best possible way to the outside world. Good medical practice management skills combined with excellent quality of care is often enough to encourage patients to spread the word, but you can do better. Attracting new patients is the only real means of keeping your practice growing in the right direction and advertising is part and parcel of this objective. Whether you have a dedicated marketing specialist on your side or not, Medesk Analytics will support your decision-making all the way.

The Medesk clinic management software makes sure you get your advertising right by helping you to:

  • Learn which are your most cost-effective patient acquisition channels
  • Encourage new patients to book online from wherever they might hear about you
  • Segment your patient cohort and discover what kind of advertising works well for each group
  • Understand which services and clinicians are most popular
  • Make evidence-based decisions to cut costs and optimise your marketing plan

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How Medical Software Helps You to Find Patients

Having a regular source of new patients is vital to your clinic's success. There's only so long you can rely on your existing patients to keep coming back. After all, there'll come a time when you've done everything for them that you can and there's no medical reason for them to return. With Medesk medical CRM, you can use our private practice software to work on your patient acquisition from a number of angles.

Medesk helps automate scheduling and record-keeping, allowing you to recreate an individual approach to each patient, providing them with maximum attention.

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To ensure you're getting a healthy supply of new patients from sources you can afford, Medesk helps you to:

  • Offer flexible online booking that makes it easier than ever to book an appointment
  • Collect pre-payments to cover overheads and advertising costs
  • See your most popular acquisition channels in a straightforward visual dashboard
  • Ensure your promotional activities are cost-effective
  • Help you to outline the right kind of value to the exact patients who want to hear about it

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How to Match Your Marketing Approach to Specific Patient Groups

Every patient is an individual but that's not to say you can't segment your patient cohort into different groups that share certain characteristics. In doing so, you can make sure that your promotional activities match all your patients. If you're a private practice manager, you already know how invaluable it can be to understand exactly what your patients needs. Once you realise what kinds of patients are finding you and where they are looking, everything starts to fall into place.

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Medesk gives you a breakdown of your approach to patient acquisition by:

  • Looking at demographic information like age, gender, marital status, and so on
  • Tracking patient acquisition channels by location and advertising content
  • Showing which clinicians and services are most popularly linked to a given advertisement
  • Demonstrating the cost-effectiveness and profitability of all manner of scenarios
  • Analysing your changing success rates for each patient acquisition channel

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Don't Forget about Patient Retention

It's all well and good when you have a great volume of new patients coming in, but unless you're offering one-time services that are hard to get elsewhere, you must think about patient retention. Your clinic's health as a business depends on the careful balance between acquiring new patients and retaining your existing patient base. That's why it makes perfect sense that you ought to use private practice software to keep an eye on how you encourage patients to stick with you.

To ensure you achieve the highest possible patient retention rate, you should use analytical medical software to at least do the following:

  • Track reasons for cancellations and group them together for further analysis
  • Match cancellations and no-shows up with the acquisition channel, service chosen and clinician involved
  • Offer patients the chance to provide feedback and show you've acted on their advice
  • Understand the likely needs of a typical patient booking a given service

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