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Advertise Your Massage Practice: Tips for Attracting More Clients

Before launching an advertisement for a massage salon, analyze the target audience. It is necessary to consider several nuances in the massage business.

The advertisement text should be carefully thought out and respond to your customers' main requests.

How to attract clients for a beginner or a professional? How to find massage clients at home or in the salon?

We have analyzed these and other issues in our article to enlighten you on:

  1. Target audience for massage therapists
  2. Ways of promoting massage services
  3. How to use advertising ideas for better patient retention.

Stay tuned!

Target Audience and Massage Techniques

Creative massage advertising should not just attract attention, but be aimed at a selected group of people. In this case, the marketing move will be more effective.

Medesk is an assistant for clinic managers, collects and presents complex statistics about the work of the clinic in a simple and understandable way, that makes it easier for the manager to make both operational and strategic decisions.

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The masseur's target audience and massage technique are closely related.

Traditional relaxing massages are widespread. It is used by people of any age group. Your clients can be both women and men, as well as children and couples.

Wellness and preventive medical massage becomes a more specialized type. It is worth considering here that clients have suffered illnesses, injuries, and have seen a physiotherapist. This is accompanied by a desire to solve the problem here and now. Also, among the clients will be representatives of the age audience or workers in the field requiring significant physical force.

Anti-cellulite massage therapy attracts women aged 25-40. Younger women in this age group are more likely to be interested in improving their body image and maintaining healthy habits. Older women in this age group may be looking for relief from physical stress caused by their work.

Another highly specialized type is children's massage. The advertisement text should catch parents. Clients are not children, but parents of children in need of therapeutic effects and developmental correction.

Sports massage targets people who lead an active lifestyle. You can recruit clients from athletes who need to improve their muscle condition, strength, and athletic performance.

Try to attract those who need rehabilitation after sports injuries, and prevention of injuries, treatment and recovery. This is not a very large group, but procedures of this type cost more. Especially if your visitors are professional athletes.

Face massage clients are women with above-average incomes and obvious age-related signs. Here you can find visitors among older women.


How to Find Clients for a Massage Therapist: 7+ Tips

As a massage therapist, there are several effective ways to find new clients and grow your business. Here are some strategies.

#1. Friends and acquaintances

It may seem obvious, but it's the fact. The first customers can be found among acquaintances, and with social networks – among acquaintances of acquaintances.

It is not enough to tell people about the services. Announce the price of the services and offer a discount or gift certificate. Specify the amount you will throw off on the acquaintance, without hurting yourself and without getting into the negative. Ask them to leave feedback about the service.

Thanks to this, you will earn your first money, but also get additional experience. Reviews will help you accumulate social evidence of your expertise.

#2. Organize a partnership or referral program

Arrange a partnership with a hairdresser or makeup artist so that he advises you to his clients. You, in turn, will promote his services to your clients. A social network such as LinkedIn can be used to find and establish business contacts.

If we are talking about facial massage, advertising of this nature will go perfectly with a cosmetologist. Of course, it is worth advising if, in the communication, the client expresses interest in a particular service. Collaborations of this type can greatly increase massage visitors.

#3. Your own website

It should be a bright, attention-grabbing resource with useful information. Massage therapists' business cards are also good. However, as a tool for attracting customers, it will not work, because it will be harder to promote it.

The website information should be presented in a structured and understandable manner. A worthwhile option is to post reviews of satisfied (and not) customers, photos and videos of the office, as well as an online massage appointment form.

Provide customers with the opportunity to communicate with you via the maximum number of channels. At Medesk, setting up an online appointment link in social networks or advertising will take only 15 minutes!

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SEO optimization tools are a critical part of your marketing plan if you want your content to be visible. With Google My Business you can convert online searches into new customers for your business even if you don't have an office. You can achieve this by showcasing your credentials and service area, enabling online booking, and direct communication with potential customers to establish trust.

According to a study, people tend to trust more businesses listed on Google. 87% of consumers used Google to evaluate local businesses, and of those, 42% involved clicks on the Google Map Pack.

It is wise to post only positive reviews on your own sites. However, if it worked 10 years ago, today users, seeing the perfect picture, look for bad reviews on third-party resources.

Firstly, there is a risk of losing a client, because he may find a review about an experienced masseur and sign up for him. Second, he may find a negative review of your work.

To prevent this from happening, post a variety of reviews with a rating of "excellent", "good", and let 5% of their number be satisfactory. At the same time, negative ones, of course, can be overlooked, or supplemented with a story elaborating the client's objection.

#4. Social media pages

A social media marketing campaign is a reliable option. Communication in social networks makes it possible to get to know your clients better and establish closer communication with them in a short time.

In addition, if you promote facial massage, photos for advertising will perfectly fit the visual orientation of networks as Instagram, or Facebook.

#5. Photodiagnostics

Use photodiagnostics in your work. These are real examples of the procedure's effectiveness, since the result is always visible in the photos "before" and "after". It becomes a testimonial to your expertise. This means that your clients trust you more and accept your massage invitation.

#6. "Word of Mouth"

Offer those who share reviews of your work on social networks a small gift. Thanks to this, their friends will learn about your account, and such actions will attract others.

After each session, follow up with your clients to check in and ask for feedback. This not only helps to build a good rapport with them, but it also shows that you care about their experience.

Take the time to get to know your existing clients and build a good relationship with them. This can help to create loyal clients who will continue to refer others to you.

#7. Individual approach

Offer the visitor what he really needs. Your goal is to leave the visitor satisfied by solving his problem. With a variety of options available, you can always pick the one that will help him.

Just do it. In the end, someone who regularly visits a massage salon will benefit from a massage card. Let a sample of a ready-made membership card always be in stock, and present it almost solemnly, with the reservation "only for you".

#8. Contextual advertising

Small business owners make the main mistake of trying to figure out the settings when launching an advertising campaign in search engines. And if you can configure it yourself, it's really up to a professional to choose the right key queries (the semantic core of the site), group them and bring them to an adequate CPC.

Therefore, order the compilation of the site's semantic core from a pro.

Individually customized reports at Medesk make it clear where to advertise and what services to offer. You can plan special offers, use color-coded tags that will help segment and analyze specific data for pre-selected positions.

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#9. Registration in online directories

Directories are already losing popularity, to standard search queries. However, if there is a popular website in your area, registration is mandatory. We recommend using Spoke and AboutUs for business listings.

Moreover, online services maps are one of the most powerful advertising methods. Also pick up beautiful pictures for massage advertising and place them on the maps with your contact information.

Massage Marketing Strategy to Retain Clients

In addition to gaining a base of potential clients, it is also important to retain existing ones. The main principle here is high-quality service and honest work. We give life hacks.

Remind customers that you have free hours

To do this, it is very important to collect the email addresses of customers or their phone numbers. This is easy to do with CRM, which automates massage therapy business management in no time.

Then, if there are free hours, they receive a message containing an advertisement for massage. The text is as simple and informative as possible: dates, hours, a “book now“ button.

Be sure to offer follow-up visits

Let's say a new client visited your office and liked your services. Be sure to inform him about how many sessions will be necessary to fully solve his problems. Take the initiative to attract interested parties.

In fact, this is a concern for the client, and not an advertisement for a massage. The text of the massage invitation is approximately as follows:

"My schedule has been released for the next few days. Since in your case I recommend 10 massage sessions / regular visits once a week, I suggest it be made in advance so that I can schedule time for you. If you change something, you can cancel the appointment."

Use promotional offers

For example, if the promotion concerns the back, you select a photo for advertising a back massage. You set a discount on the procedure in your management software and launched targeted advertising.

Utilize practice management software

Practice management software is a valuable tool for massage providers to advertise their services, streamline administrative tasks, and enhance customer service.

With features such as online booking, client management, payment processing, and marketing tools, practice management software can help you attract more clients and grow your business. By automating routine tasks and providing valuable insights into your business operations, PMS can help you optimize your business and improve your bottom line.


Benefits of Massage Textual Advertising

The key rules of effective massage advertising, or how to make the right ad with a list of massage benefits.

The text should contain health benefits, not your masseur advantages. You should point out the advantages the client will receive if he comes to you.

Focus on the most competitive offer:

  • Today
  • Only half the price
  • A full course with a discount, etc.

Specifying the price is necessary. No "check by phone" or "write in direct messages". This is the method of a "leaky sales funnel", when all potential customers fly out of it.

If you are promoting a specific massage (anti-cellulite, baby or facial massage), the advertising text should include the advantages of the technique. Avoid water and general phrases. The text of the massage advertisement should be as specific as possible.

Some types of massage are not attractive (anti-cellulite, buccal, medical for cerebral palsy). Try to use the best phrases and beautiful visuals. Make sure that the image reflects the text's meaning.

When promoting baby massage, photos for advertising should be chosen as critically as possible, since a variety of photos of curved limbs, backs and tense muscles (even if these are real photos "before") repel the target audience – sensitive mothers.

If you are advertising a family massage, include a sample review about relationships in the ad. Women often buy the service, and a wonderful story about how family massage brings them closer will motivate them to buy.


We hope our simple recommendations will help you build a client base quickly. As you use more different methods of promotion in your practice, you'll attract regular customers who'll refer you to their friends and family.

Just remember to always wear a smile - it's the best promotional tool you can have! Read our blog for more motivation and marketing ideas for healthcare.

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