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9 Best Chiropractic Marketing Tips [Effective in 2024]

Chiropractic Marketing Tips

Marketing a chiropractic clinic in 2024 is more complicated than ever.

With the advent of online marketing, there are more marketing channels available than ever - SEO, PPC, social media, you name it.

With so many options available, it can be very hard to decide which of these marketing channels are worth pursuing your chiropractic clinic, and which ones are a waste of time.

…Which brings us to this article! We’re going to teach you some of the most effective chiropractic marketing tips we’ve got.

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Read on to learn how to:

  • Pop Up #1 When Patients Look for “Chiropractic Clinic” in Your Area
  • Run Google Ads And Start Driving Patient Traffic ASAP
  • Optimize Your Google My Business to Dominate Google Maps Rankings
  • Improve Conversions on Your Website with Remarketing Ads

And more! Let’s dive right in.

9 Best Chiropractic Marketing Tips for 2024

#1. Upgrade Your Website

In 2024, simply having a website is no longer enough.

With the world going online, patients have more and more expectations from a chiropractic clinic’s website.

If your website is:

  • Extremely slow
  • Outdated, with a design from the 1990s
  • Badly-structure and hard to navigate

Then chances are, prospective patients are going to drop off and go to your competition instead.

So, to make sure that your website best represents your brand, we recommend you to upgrade your website through:

  • Hiring a professional web developer to give it a facelift.
  • Making it easy to navigate. Anyone that lands on your website should have the option to find information about your services, background information about your clinic, a means of getting in touch, and your clinic’s location.
  • Building key pages. Your website should have a page for each of your services that describes the service itself, provides a price, and a means of getting in touch or booking an appointment.
  • Making your website mobile-friendly. Google tends to prioritize websites that work better on mobile than those that don’t.
  • Adding a call to action. Every one of your service-related pages (and your homepage) should have a very clear call to action. What action do you want the patient to take? Do you want them to call for a reservation? To fill in a form? Whatever it might be, you should offer it as an option on your most important pages.

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#2. Optimize Your Website for Google

SEO is one of the most effective marketing channels for a chiropractic clinic.

When your patients are looking for medical advice or seeking to book a consultation with a chiropractor, they’re going to use Google to look up services in their area.

Chiropractor Near Me - London

If your website is well-optimized for SEO, it has a chance to pop up at the top of the rankings.

The benefit of this is pretty straightforward: once you’re ranking on Google, customers will be able to find your chiropractic clinic without you having to lift a finger.

So, what can you do to make sure your website is as SEO-optimized as possible? Here’s what we recommend:

  • Use RankMath or YoastSEO for on-page optimization. Either tool will give you a checklist of what you need to do with each of your web pages so that it’s optimized for Google. Usually, this includes mentioning the keyword:
    • In your H1 header. E.g. if we’re talking about your homepage, that would be “chiropractic clinic.”
    • In an H2 header somewhere on the page.
    • Throughout the page text several times.
  • Create new pages for each specific type of service you offer and include them under a drop-down in your navigation bar. For example, some such service pages could be “sports massage”, “physiotherapy”, “dry needle and acupuncture”, and so on. Make sure to mention the target keyword in the URL, for example, website.com/sports-massage/. Optimize these pages according to best practices mentioned above too.
  • Build backlinks to your website. Google views links from other websites pointing to yours as a “vote of confidence.” The more legitimate websites link to your clinic’s website, the better it’s going to rank.

#3. Use a Medical CRM

A medical CRM can seriously help upgrade your chiropractic marketing.

Such software will allow you to:

  • Uncover patient trends. In a handful of clicks, you can find interesting trends among your patient visits. For example, you can see which services were bought most in 2024 or which services were popular among a certain demographic.
  • Personalize marketing efforts. You can send tailored marketing messages (via SMS or email) to customers that fit specific criteria or demographics. For example, you can send an email to all patients aged 40-50 who haven’t visited your clinic in over a year with a 50% discount on a consultation (or something along those lines).
  • Send automated appointment reminders. You can use the medical CRM to send appointment reminders via SMS or email and cut down no-show rates.

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#4. Run Google Ads

Google Ads are the fastest way to drive new patients to your chiropractic clinic.

While SEO can take 6 months to a year (and beyond) to drive results, Google Ads show instant results.

The way this works is, instead of trying to rank organically on a given keyword by optimizing your website, you simply run ads targeting the very same keyword.

Google Ads

While ads are definitely more expensive than SEO, you can, more often than not, run them at a profit.

Here’s how you can get started with Google Ads as part of your chiropractic marketing campaign:

  1. First things first - create a Google Ads account.
  2. In the Google Ads account, go to “Keyword Planner” and find keywords people use to look up a chiropractic clinic. For example, “chiropractic clinic london,” acupuncture london,” etc.
  3. Exclusively target either your entire city or the district your clinic operates in.
  4. Create an ad set for each type of keyword. E.g. keywords “chiropractic clinic london,” “chiropractor,” etc. all go together. “Shoulder pain,” “shoulder pain doctor,” “shoulder pain clinic,” on the other hand, make a separate group.
  5. For each ad set, use a different landing page as an ad destination. E.g. If you’re running ads around “physiotherapy” keywords, then the ad should lead to a service page that talks about your physiotherapy services (and not your homepage).
  6. Create ads for each ad set group. Feel free to create 3-4 variations of the ads and see which ones perform the best.

And that’s the gist of how you get started with Google Ads!

That said, your work here isn’t done yet. You should constantly keep track of your ad account and see how well it performs.

Over time, you can optimize the ad campaigns by changing up keywords, trying out new ads, adding a negative keyword, etc.

#5. Upgrade Your Website with an Online Patient Platform

One of the most effective chiropractic marketing techniques is word of mouth.

If you deliver the best possible service you can to your patients, they’re going to recommend you to their friends whenever they have a related health problem.

One way to help improve your clinic’s service is to adopt an online patient platform.

Using such software, your patients can:

  • Book, reschedule, or cancel appointments online.
  • Attend consultations online via telemedicine features.
  • Pay for your services online and keep track of payment information.
  • Check on their prescriptions and ask for renewals online.

And more! Check out our online patient platform page to learn more about other awesome features.

#6. Lift Website Conversions with Facebook Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads are a type of ads that target people who already visited your website sometime in the past.

The use-case here is relatively straightforward: if someone visited your website and didn’t book an appointment, you can use remarketing to give them a gentle nudge.

While remarketing ads can be run on any social media platform, they’re most effective on Facebook, as the majority of people use the platform. Here’s an example of what a Facebook remarketing ad looks like (courtesy of Facebook Ad Library):

set up remarketing ads

To learn how to set up remarketing ads, check out this article by AdEspresso, the process itself is very straightforward.

Now, as for how to best use remarketing as part of your chiropractic marketing strategy, here are some ideas:

  • Run site-wide remarketing. Target everyone who visited your website in the past 30 years and nudge them to visit your website.
  • Remarket a specific service. Target anyone that visited a specific page (e.g. the physiotherapy page) in the past 30 days with a dedicated offer and a call to action to make a booking.
  • Remarket to existing customers. You can upload a list of your customer’s email addresses on Facebook and the platform will give you an option to run ads targeting them specifically. You can use this feature to advertise a specific offer to patients who meet specific criteria. E.g. acupuncture discount to anyone that visited your clinic for a physiotherapy consultation.

#7. Take Advantage of Offline Ads

While marketing as a whole has been moving online over the past few years, it doesn’t mean that you should disregard conventional marketing tactics.

Some ways to use offline ads as part of your chiropractic marketing strategy are:

  • Newspaper ads
  • Billboard ads (in your area)
  • Local TV commercials
  • Radio ads

For more offline marketing tactics, check out this article.

#8. Create Useful Blog Posts

Whenever someone has a medical question, before they reach out to a specialist, they look up the question online.

If you have a blog with your chiropractic clinic website, you can take advantage of this in 2 different ways:

You can, potentially, rank your blog content on Google and drive prospective patients this way.

Alternatively, you can also use blog content as a lead magnet. Instead of running Facebook ads advertising your services directly, you can advertise a blog post instead.

For example, you can create a blog post about “most common sources of lower back pain” and include a call to action to book a physiotherapy consultation within the article. Then, you advertise the said blog post on Facebook.

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#9. Track, Analyze, and Iterate

If you want your chiropractic marketing to be as effective as possible, you need to constantly analyze each channel’s effectiveness.

Keep track of the following metrics and use them to evaluate how your marketing initiatives are performing:

  • Patient acquisition cost. How much does it cost to acquire a single patient? Measure this both by channel and overall. You can use this metric to decide on which channels are worth pursuing.
  • Conversion rates. What % of people who click an ad or visit your website book an appointment? Measure this by channel and per ad.
  • Google rankings. How many of your pages are ranking on page #1 of Google? How many of them are ranking in the top 3?
  • Patient retention. What % of your patients stick around for the long-term? Measure this both per channel and overall.

Key Takeaways

And that sums up our best chiropractic marketing strategies!

Before you go, here’s a quick recap of some of the most important tips we’ve covered:

  • Make sure your website is up-to-date. In 2024, patients expect your website to be easy to use, functional, and fast.
  • Optimize your web pages according to Google’s best practices to increase your chances of ranking organically on search engines.
  • Run Google Ads to drive prospective patients to your website.
  • Run remarketing ads on Facebook to increase conversions on your website.

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Looking for more information about marketing strategies? Visit our blog!

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