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How to Build Effective Clinic and Patient Management while Working Remotely

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A good manager always takes into consideration how their colleagues and patients are going to perceive and react to changes. While you surely have the best intentions for your clinic, it’s crucial that you enact any improvements in a way that is conducive to collaboration and the development of a pleasant workplace culture.

How to delegate tasks and manage your clinical team while working remotely?

When you're working apart from your colleagues, it may seem harder to manage your team. However, all you need is a specialised task delegation tool like this one offered by Medesk.

How to provide enough patient information and ensure good engagement and attendance?

See how you could use Medesk's medical CRM feature that automatically sends customised SMS and emails to your patients to confirm and remind them about all their appointments.

Why are patients cancelling their appointments? What can you do about it?

Sometimes, it's not too clear why a patient has cancelled on you. However, you can work it out quickly with Medesk's new Analytics module. Nip your problems in the bud and slash your cancellation and no-show rates.

How to track how well your patient acquisition channels are working?

Medesk offers in-depth business intelligence and analytics tools to help you optimise your approach to marketing. Make sure that you only spend money on advertising that works.

What is the easiest way to track your clinic's growth as a business?

Medesk offers a powerful analytics tool that helps you to understand exactly where you should go next with your business. Take a look at some of these straightforward methods to get you started.

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