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The KAL-Med Consulting Case Study: Simplifying Document Management

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, every minute counts. Providing the well-being of their patients, medical professionals cannot afford to compromise the quality of care. And they shouldn’t.

Today’s case study at KAL-Med Consulting is an excellent example of how a bustling medical practice uses the power of pre-built custom templates to revolutionise its operations.


Read how integration of Medesk templates into the clinic’s daily workflow has made a remarkable shift from time-consuming administrative tasks to an environment where more time could be dedicated to patient care.

About the Clinic

KAL-Med Consulting is a multidisciplinary clinic in the city of Livingston, Scotland. The team provides top-notch healthcare services like:

  • General practice
  • Dermatology
  • Urology
  • Orthopaedics
  • Gynaecology
  • Laboratory tests
  • Aesthetic medicine
  • Physiotherapy

Being a multidisciplinary practice, it has doctors working in multiple specialties as immediate colleagues. This fact makes it a convenient option for patients as they can receive all necessary services at a single place.

In addition to various examination packages, KAL-Med Consulting provides tests for the D4 DVLA form, modern licensed medical equipment, and comfortable treatment for the whole family.

Tasks We Were to Solve

Since April 2019, KAL-Med Consulting has been using Medesk's innovative solutions to elevate their efficiency in managing various aspects of operations. Now the clinic is in the process of moving more paper documents into the electronic records, saving time and making Medesk the only place for all documentation.

The doctor should not bear the burden of administrative workload and drown in documents, while he can see more patients and treat them more carefully. The Medesk electronic medical record structures the data in such a way to improve the quality of medical decision-making.

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At the beginning of our cooperation, we faced the task to automate document-related workflow at every step of the patient journey within the clinic and after the appointments.

Being a medium size clinic, KAL-Med team had spent a lot of time on filling in patient records and consents, consultation and appointment forms. Managing patient communication and delegating tasks to individual colleagues had taken a great part of a shift either.

On average, a staff member spent about 2 hours on paperwork daily. This was about 25% of working hours.

After analysing the situation and determining the types of documents most frequently used, we decided to focus on the following tasks.

Workflow automation

Our goal was to reduce time for administrative tasks, making it easier for the staff to register patients, make prescriptions and referrals, as well as keeping medical histories safe and accessible 24/7.

Integration and planning

We also aim at high-level integration of the platform into the work of the clinic. Medesk has a proven system of onboarding and educating new customers via a learning centre that results in a smooth operation start.

The Medesk platform supports integration with a great number of software, for example, laboratories, patient aggregators, end-to-end business intelligence systems, or IP telephony.

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High brand awareness of the clinic

The previous tasks logically lead to the last, but not least - brand recognition. We wanted to make KAL-Med Consulting an easily-recognisable clinic in Livingston.

Why Medesk?

The Medesk platform provides full automation of the document-related process and allows patients to receive better help. And integrated SMS communication provides constant reach of the patient base and its retention.


Our platform offers an individual approach to design and adaptation, allowing you to fit into the unique style of the clinic and preserve the integrity of the brand.

KAL-Med Consulting chose us because we have all the necessary modules to solve their tasks. The combination of price, accessibility, and ease of use determined the choice of our partners. Medesk is a multidisciplinary platform, just like their team.

Onboarding new users onto Medesk is very straightforward. Hiring new doctors can be quite challenging, involving HR, administrative, and training aspects. But you can rest assured that a new user will easily navigate the interface within minutes. This is what we are truly proud of.

What We Did

Medesk is a cloud platform. There was no need to install it, so the process of deployment and learning took only a couple of days.

The first thing we did was to implement pre-built templates and consultation notes.

Consultation notes templates

This feature customises documents by using templates. Medesk integration makes it possible for a KAL-Med Consulting team to use custom templates and digital documentation at every stage of a patient’s journey, from registration forms to medical certificates.

The templates also cover patient records, prescriptions, referrals, and more, coating key touchpoints in the patient pathway.


According to the anonymous survey of KAL-Med regular patients, 76% of them admitted that switching to electronic health records and digital documentation was an advantage.

They singled out the following factors:

  • My records won’t get lost.
  • The prescription can be recovered if I lose it.
  • Records are easily referred to another doctor.
  • I have solid evidence in case of a trial.

And what about the staff?

We reduced the time spent on paperwork daily in half, to 1 hour.

With document-related processes operating seamlessly in the background, the clinic's staff now dedicate more time to patient care. Reduced waiting times for tasks as prescriptions and medical certificates, contribute to a smoother patient journey.

This patient-centric approach aligns with KAL-Med Clinic's mission to provide comprehensive, compassionate care.


We used our functionality and made a platform interface for the clinic staff and all templates and consultation notes in a single colour scheme of the brand using the clinic's logo.

A strong personal brand of the clinic is an image that remains in the memory of patients and is a guarantee of high attendance. The brand starts with the little things that are taken into account in the Medesk platform.

A Vision for the Future

Our cooperation with KAL-Med Consulting started more than three years ago. Over this time, we have come a long way.

We are not going to stop.

This case is a testament to the impact that strategic partnerships and innovative tools can have on transforming traditional clinic operations into streamlined, patient-centric experiences.

Learn how to simplify the doctor's work and free up more time for patients with Medesk.

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KAL-Med Consulting and Medesk share a vision of continuous improvement and innovation. By utilising Medesk's technology, the clinic aims to refine its document-related workflows, exploring patient portals for online document access and submission.

Also, the team would like to see the postcode finder feature on the platform. We are attentive to our customers and will strive to implement their requests in the future.

Our mutual plans strengthen the clinic’s reputation as a modern healthcare institution and Medesk’s mission to be practice management software that meets the needs of every size clinic.

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