Using the "Schedule" module, the receptionist is able to watch the appointment time of several specialists at once, can track their schedule and notify patients of any changes via text message. Clinicians will be able to monitor the schedule from their personal account, mark services rendered, see cancelled appointments and newly registered patients.

Running a tight ship is all about timekeeping. Discover how Medesk supports your receptionists and clinicians alike.

  • Colour-coded time slots to optimise patient flow
  • Click any appointment for immediate access to vital information
  • Automated appointment reminders by text and email to crack down on DNAs
  • Keep an eye on your audit trails to see who did what and when
  • Set up tasks, invoices and follow-up visits all on a single page

Schedule functions


Convenient Calendar

Efficient time management is all about having a simple calendar. Medesk has a user-friendly interface so practitioners and receptionists can quickly navigate through the schedule and see available time slots, the current status of appointments and make new ones quickly.

Integrated Information Space

Forget about inconvenience of traditional paperwork.

Practice managers have access to all information that passes through the system. Access to the data can be set at both individual and team levels.

Practice managers can track everything, including:

When appointments were made
Services provided
for any given patient
The status of services and payment

Appointment Reminders

Sometimes patients just forget about appointment. Medesk will send them a text message reminder a day or two before the visit.

Physicians will also get a message on the patients’ arrival and visits’ cancellations.