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Medical CRM Systems: How to Keep Your Patient Communications on Track

Patient communication

Medical CRM is software that might not jump out at you as something relevant to the practice of medicine, but when you swap “client” in CRM for “patient”, it all becomes crystal-clear. In a nutshell, it’s all about communicating with patients for mutual benefit and how you go about doing this. As such, medical CRM tools should be a vital part of your clinic’s workflow if you want to deliver the best possible healthcare while growing as a business.

Learn how to simplify your practice workflow and free up more time for patients with Medesk.

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What Are the Main Benefits of Using Medical CRM Tools?

You will need to communicate with existing patients for all kinds of reasons from encouraging them to attend appointments and delivering quality medical information to arranging follow-ups and chasing unpaid bills. Whatever your reason for engaging your patients, the main benefits of using medical CRM tools are clear.

Make the most of your practice management system to contact patients in all sorts of situations:

  • Set up automated yet personalised appointment confirmations and reminders
  • Encourage patient retention by sending a recall reminder with an online booking link attached
  • Sending templated messages to individual patients depending on their medical and personal circumstances
  • Break down your patient cohort into distinct groups for clinical or even marketing purposes

Medesk helps automate scheduling and record-keeping, allowing you to recreate an individual approach to each patient, providing them with maximum attention.

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Using Medical CRM to Promote a Bespoke Patient Experience

The key to providing a unique patient experience for every single person who walks through your door is to understand what they value most. Whether it’s the human touch at the reception desk or promoting more person-directed care at the clinical level, once you understand a patient’s real motivations and needs, it’s easy to deliver world-class healthcare.

Use medical CRM tools to help you understand your patients and focus on what they really want:

  • Group people together for better patient retention according to their illness, personal characteristics and more
  • Analyse reasons for no-shows and cancellations so you can take immediate action
  • Send bespoke information and delivering specific value with templated emails and SMS
  • Make it easy for patients to book their next appointment with unique online booking links

Discover more about the essential features of Medesk and claim your free access today!

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How Medical CRM Helps You to Attract More Patients

Your patient acquisition strategy is a crucial part of your business plan. If you want to deliver excellent healthcare to as many patients as possible, then you simply must be able to find the right kind of patients in the sort of places they are searching for you. Combining medical CRM software with your practice management system’s analytics module is an ideal way to get to grips with how to market your services to patients for mutual benefit.

You can attract more patients by looking at how your current patients arrived on your doorstep, starting with:

  • Looking at distinct patient profiles and where they learned about your clinic
  • Tracking patient acquisition channels and analysing the cost-effectiveness of your approach
  • Planning and executing your marketing strategy based on targeted patient profiles
  • Personalise the way you present yourself in different places online
  • Optimise the time it takes to convey value to each of your patient subgroups

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