Stock Reporting

Medesk has developed a convenient stock reporting module to help you control your consumables and other items.
Stock Reporting

It’s now much easier to manage all incoming goods, including medications and consumable items. What’s more, used materials are written off automatically when you complete an appointment.

Add an unlimited number of inventory lists for all your clinic’s requirements and feel free to swap items around whenever necessary. Each stock operation you perform is accompanied by the generating of a corresponding document.

Purchase and Sales Reports

Medesk manages all purchased drugs and consumables in your inventory. Add an unlimited number of inventory lists for whatever purpose you require and feel free to move items around as you see fit. Every stock operation performed comes with automatically generated documentation.

Automated Write-offs

Items are written off from your stock list as soon as they are used in an appointment. You can tag an item as a product and sell it separately. If you do, Medesk will automatically generate a sales invoice and write the item off from the stock.


You can run visual reports on the actual cost of individual services and materials at any time.

Medesk helps you manage consumable materials and writes them off automatically whenever associated services are rendered