IP Telephony

Medesk processes your incoming calls and automatically displays all the most important patient information on your screen. You’ll be able to preemptively address callers by name and start the booking process right away. Medesk gathers data on incoming and outgoing calls, and records conversations for training purposes.

Medesk takes care of all the steps necessary to configure your phone:


When it comes to incoming calls, you set the rules and can configure settings for:

  • Transferring calls to colleagues
  • Blocking spam callers
  • Redirecting out-of-hours calls to your mobile
Call Handling

Now your patients will always be able to get through when they call your practice. Medesk IP telephony places incoming calls in a queue and records all phone numbers so you can call patients back if they hang up while on hold.

Building a Dialogue

Our automated operator doesn’t need to request further information from existing patients as it’s already linked directly to the patient record. If a new patient calls, then the operator requests some basic information and adds it to a new patient record on your behalf. Acquisition channels and other marketing data are collected automatically.

Monitoring Receptionists’ Performance

Medesk IP telephony provides a guaranteed breakdown of every call your admin staff make to patients. You’ll see caller names, call duration and more to make sure that your receptionists are working to the standard you expect.


Call recording helps you to learn how your admin staff are speaking to patients, enabling you to optimise their performance. You’ll also find out whether your reception desk is overloaded with calls and work out what you can do handle every call on time.

The Advantages of IP Telephony

You won’t need to install any extra software or buy any additional equipment if you want to activate Medesk IP telephony as part of your subscription.

You can call patients directly from the patient record within Medesk itself. All you have to do is click on their phone number and choose whether to call or send a text.

You won’t find yourself constantly switching between multiple tabs in your web browser as Medesk works seamlessly in a single window.