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How to Choose the Best EHR Software for Your Clinic

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EHR software is not the easiest kind of program to choose for your private clinic. There’s a lot to think about when you’re trying to understand whether a given EHR system is the correct one for your specific requirements. At the very least, you can start from considering the size of your clinic and where you plan to take it in terms of business growth. However, your decision-making process should go much deeper than that if you are to make the right choice. This article covers some of the most important factors you need to think about when choosing an EHR program.

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Security Should Be Crucial Component of All EHR Software

When you’re dealing with sensitive data like patients’ personal information and medical records, you cannot afford to use software that is not completely watertight. There have to be special security considerations taken by the makers of the software, and you should definitely be asking plenty of questions about this.

When you’re selecting a practice management software, you ensure that you can:

  • Comply with GDPR regulations and data security laws
  • Encrypt all your data so that it is only accessible through your chosen software
  • Back up your data regularly to prevent loss of information
  • Store redundant copies of your data in multiple physical locations
  • Use well-known and highly trusted data facilities

You Ought to Get the Service Quality You Deserve

No matter how good a software package is, it’s the level of support and customer service that truly determines how much you get out of your EHR and practice management solutions. It’s not just about fixing problems when you come up against a wall, but rather it’s just as much to do with the onboarding and training processes that get you up to speed with the system in the first place. That’s not only for yourself, but for your colleagues as well. After all, it doesn’t matter how well you regard your practice management software if your reception team isn’t getting the support they need to keep things running smoothly.

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Your clinic is top-notch so it makes sense that your software support should be. Look out for the following:

  • Receive role-specific training is provided for all your colleagues
  • Free training ought to be included in the cost as standard
  • Get real-time support through live chat, telephone and screen-sharing
  • Avail yourself of regular online masterclasses and weekly training sessions

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Make Sure You Get What You Pay for

Practice management software is an investment in your clinic rather than an expense. As such, you need to think in particular about how best to get a great return on your investment. The idea is that your EHR or other medical CRM software should pay for itself almost immediately. You surely have a budget in mind when it comes to licensing such a program and there are a few considerations that you can take into the decision-making process in addition to this.

When looking into which EHR and practice management software solution is most suitable for your situation, be sure to bear the following questions in mind:

  • How many appointments do you provide to your patients or clients each month?
  • How many staff members are going to need training?
  • What are your goals in choosing clinic management software?
  • Does the software enable you to boost your performance?

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Think About the Features You Need to Adopt

There must be a specific reason why you want to adopt an EHR software package in the first place. While the private healthcare sector is becoming increasingly digital and you can see the benefits of using a robust platform for EHR management and running your practice as a whole, the exact software you decide on depends on its unique combination of features. Let’s take a look at the typical patient pathway through your clinic and use that as an example for the different feature you are likely to want to implement.

Most clinics stand to benefit from the following features, all of which you’ll find in Medesk:

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