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Carepatron Alternatives: Top 7 Compared

Carepatron might be a familiar name for your practice management software needs. But is it the only option? If you're looking for a new PMS or considering alternatives to Carepatron, this article is for you. We'll explore some of the top Carepatron alternatives, highlighting their features and functionalities to help you make an informed decision.

In this guide, we will examine Medesk, Cliniko, CareCloud, Jane app, PracticePal, Power Diary, and WriteUpp.

1. Medesk

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Say goodbye to administrative burdens and hello to a thriving practice with Medesk. This comprehensive software isn't just another PMS; it's your one-stop shop for streamlining workflows and building stronger patient connections.

The use of Medesk intuitive interface doesn’t require a special training. The platform is convenient from the minute. Anyway, we are always ready to answer any questions of our clients and conduct trainings on the program.

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Medesk empowers every healthcare provider, from solo practitioners to bustling clinics, with a powerful toolkit that keeps everything organised and accessible. Here's what sets Medesk apart:

  • Effortless scheduling & patient engagement: Medesk streamlines appointment booking with online scheduling and a client portal, freeing up valuable time for your staff. Plus, keep patient communication flowing with automated email notifications.
  • Seamless security & accessibility: Medesk's secure EHR system ensures patient data is always safe and readily available. Conduct virtual consultations with ease using the built-in telemedicine feature.
  • Data-driven decisions: Gain valuable insights into your practice's performance with clear, intuitive reports and analytics. Medesk goes beyond just numbers, presenting complex medical data in easy-to-understand graphs and charts.
  • Boost patient relationships: Medesk's integrated medical CRM cultivates stronger relationships with your patients. Build loyalty and encourage repeat visits with targeted communication and personalised care.
  • Effortless documentation: Save time and ensure consistent documentation with pre-built treatment note templates.

Medesk surpasses the competition by offering several unique advantages:

  • Marketing made easy: Optimise your marketing efforts with Medesk's exclusive Acquisition Channel Statistics feature, allowing you to track where your patients come from without additional fees.
  • Enhanced security: Protect your practice from fraudulent bookings with regional restrictions, reducing confirmation costs, and boosting patient portal security.



Medesk offers three scalable plans (Mini, Pro, and Premium), all with transparent pricing and no hidden charges. That makes it a value-for-money option. Explore your full potential with a free trial of the Pro plan.

Start with the Mini plan and unlock essential functionalities: scheduling, secure patient records, document templates, consultation templates, EHR, task management, email notifications, marketing insights, and a mobile app.

Medesk compared with Carepatron


2. Cliniko


Cliniko is a web-based software solution designed for practitioners across specialties. It offers a suite of powerful tools to streamline your workflow and empower you to focus on what matters most: your patients.

Cliniko starts at an affordable £29 per practitioner monthly, with a free trial to explore its capabilities risk-free. Here's how Cliniko can transform your practice:

  • Effortless scheduling: Manage individual and group appointments across locations with a user-friendly, customisable calendar.
  • Secure patient records: Store and safeguard electronic medical records (EMRs) for a clear, accessible patient history accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Streamlined finances: Stay on top of your finances with integrated medical billing, invoicing, and secure payment processing.
  • Data-driven decisions: Track key metrics and generate reports to gain valuable insights into your practice performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Enhanced teamwork: Manage tasks, communication, and staff roles for a smooth-running practice, ensuring everyone's on the same page.

Cliniko goes beyond the basics, offering unique features to elevate your patient care:

  • Personalised patient portals: Provide patients with unique URLs for self-scheduling appointments, increasing convenience and reducing your workload.
  • Seamless data integration: Integrate Cliniko with Google Tag Manager to unlock in-depth analytics and gain a deeper understanding of your practice.
  • Proactive healthcare: Add personalised medical alerts to patient profiles, enabling you to deliver preventive care and improve health outcomes.



Cliniko's pricing scales with your practice, starting at £29 per practitioner per month. There's also a 30-day free trial to explore its features before committing. SMS appointment reminders are available for an additional 5p each, regardless of your chosen plan.

Cliniko compared with Carepatron


3. CareCloud


CareCloud is the conductor of your medical practice, bringing everything into order. Imagine a central hub where appointments flow seamlessly, patients feel engaged, and valuable insights are readily available. That's the power of CareCloud.

For a monthly investment starting at $349 per provider, CareCloud equips your team with the instruments they need to:

  • Conduct flawless scheduling: Visualise your clinic's rhythm with a user-friendly calendar. Colour-coded specialists and customisable views ensure appointments never go off-key.
  • Cultivate patient relationships: Foster a connection with your patients through a branded patient portal. Self-service options, customer support, and diverse payment methods create a smooth and convenient experience.
  • Master the medical score: CareCloud offers a suite of secure and efficient EHR options like CareCloud Charts, talkEHR, or VertexDR — your choice for managing patient information flawlessly.
  • Unleash the power of data: CareCloud's customisable reports and analytics are like sheet music, revealing valuable insights to optimise your practice's performance.
  • Embrace the virtual stage: Deliver secure and HIPAA-compliant virtual care, allowing patients to connect with you from anywhere.

Formerly known as MTBC, CareCloud caters to clinics of all sizes with a mission to improve patient care, reduce administrative burdens, and expand your reach. While there might be a brief initial learning curve, CareCloud boasts several features to keep your practice in perfect harmony:

  • Silence the no-show blues: Automated appointment reminders help eliminate patient no-shows, keeping your schedule on track.
  • Seamless integrations: Connect CareCloud with existing tools to streamline workflow and eliminate data silos — no more discordant systems.
  • AI enhances the EHR: Leverage AI-powered features to streamline documentation and data management, freeing up valuable time for what matters most — your patients.


CareCloud recognises that every practice has unique needs. That's why they offer tiered pricing plans to match your requirements:

  • CareCloud Central: Starting at $349/provider/month, this plan provides a solid foundation with an EHR system, practice management tools, and a patient portal for managing core medical operations.
  • CareCloud Complete: For a more comprehensive solution, Complete expands on Central for $629/provider/month, adding features like e-prescribing, lab integration, and advanced reporting for in-depth practice insights.
  • CareCloud Concierge: Need that extra VIP treatment? Concierge offers a dedicated team to maximise your platform usage and optimise workflows for a percentage of your collections.

While CareCloud offers a robust feature set, it's important to compare pricing to competitors like Carepatron. CareCloud plans tend to be on the higher end, and the required three-year contract might not be ideal for all clinics.

CareCloud compared with Carepatron


4. Jane


Jane app can streamline your wellness practice. Designed specifically for therapists, naturopaths, and other healthcare practitioners, Jane App empowers you to focus on your patients.

Its intuitive onboarding and mobile-first design make it a breeze to manage your practice on the go, whether you're booking appointments, creating charts, or sending invoices.

But Jane app is more than just convenience. Here's what makes it stand out:

  • Putting you in control: Customisation is king with Jane app. Voice commands, color-coding, and a clear main menu make navigating the system a breeze. You can even personalize your online booking portal to match your brand, fostering patient recognition and loyalty.
  • Scheduling made simple: The interactive calendar with features like shifts, waitlists, and tags keeps appointments organised and efficient. Never miss a beat with this powerful scheduling tool.
  • Effortless charting: Say goodbye to mountains of paperwork. Jane App's "Charting" feature lets you manage patient notes, treatment plans, and forms electronically. Duplicate record functions and voice input make information entry a breeze.
  • Embrace video conferencing: Jane App goes beyond traditional appointments. Conduct secure video consultations, even hosting group sessions with up to 12 participants, perfect for workshops or online therapy groups.
  • Unlock valuable insights: Gain a deeper understanding of your practice with Jane App's insightful reports and analytics. Monitor your clinic's financial health, track individual clinician income, and analyse booking trends.



Jane App offers two plans to fit your needs: base and insurance. Need to host video group consultations? It's just a small monthly add-on. They even recognise the challenges faced by new and non-profit organisations, offering discounted rates to help them thrive.

Jane compared with Carepatron


5. PracticePal


Introducing PracticePal, an innovative cloud-based software tailored for healthcare professionals across the United Kingdom. From appointment scheduling to patient records management, invoicing, and insightful reporting, PracticePal is engineered to elevate your practice to new heights.

For as little as £25 per month, embark on a transformative journey with PracticePal. Dive into a 30-day free trial and witness firsthand the power of seamless practice management.

Key features include:

  • Effortless management: Manage appointments through online booking, class scheduling, and automated reminders, simplifying the scheduling process.
  • Controlled data: Organise client records seamlessly with integrated filters and PCA Predict, revolutionising patient data management.
  • Pre-made reports: Gain real-time insights into your practice's financial health with comprehensive reports and streamlined payment options.
  • Scheduling made easy: Experience the convenience of a familiar calendar interface, facilitating effortless appointment scheduling with multi-practitioner and multi-location views.
  • Powerful portals and payments: Empower your patients with the integrated patient portal, enabling them to book appointments, securely make payments via Stripe, and effortlessly track their balances through a personalised dashboard.

But what truly sets PracticePal apart is its complimentary internal messaging feature, which facilitates seamless collaboration among team members and enhances overall efficiency.



The standard subscription starts at £25 per month, inclusive of essential features. Additional modules such as online booking, notes, and recall are available for £3 per month each.

For extra accounts, a nominal fee ranging from £1 to £5, depending on the account type, applies.

PracticePal compared with Carepatron


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6. Power Diary


Power Diary is built specifically for healthcare professionals like physiotherapists, psychologists, and chiropractors. Think of it as your digital sidekick, handling tasks like appointment scheduling, patient records, invoicing, and even telehealth consultations. Perfect for solo practitioners or smaller practices.

According to Capterra, Power Diary is a leading light in UK medical management, offering a suite of over 12 modules to streamline every aspect of your practice. Here's what sets them apart:

  • Effortless communication: Unlike competitors like Carepatron, Power Diary boasts built-in two-way SMS chat with your clients. This lets you quickly clarify details before or after appointments, but keep in mind that message costs can add up (see pricing details below).
  • Crystal-clear scheduling: Power Diary's calendar keeps your schedule organised with military precision. Customise appointment types with colour-coded flags for easy identification, and utilise the multi-practitioner view to see everyone's schedules in one place — perfect for coordinating team efforts.
  • Telehealth made easy: Embrace virtual consultations seamlessly with Power Diary's telehealth options. Choose the standard plan for basic video calls, or upgrade for features like group connections, screen sharing, mirrored views, and advanced chat functionality.
  • Master Your client management: Power Diary empowers you to manage your client base effectively. Create organised patient lists, assign tags for targeted marketing campaigns, and store referral details for future reference. Waitlists help you avoid last-minute gaps in your schedule, keeping practitioners productive.
  • Empowering patients: Put your patients in control with the handy self-service portal. Generate unique links for specific client groups, allowing them to book appointments conveniently online. Power Diary integrates seamlessly with Stripe, streamlining online payment processing for a frictionless experience.
  • Data-diven decisions: Explore four key categories — activity, clients, financial, and system — to understand your practice's performance. Export or print reports for deeper analysis, though keep in mind that graphical representations are not available.



Power Diary offers five pricing options to suit practices of all sizes. There's a free version (a 14-day trial for all clinics, regardless of size). Once you're ready to commit, they offer four pre-configured plans at a special 50% discount to get you started.

An important note: each SMS message sent through the platform incurs a charge of £0.09 on any plan.

Power Diary compared with Carepatron


7. WriteUpp


Whether you're a physiotherapist nurturing movement, a psychologist guiding minds, or a dietician fueling wellness, WriteUpp simplifies your day-to-day with a focus on ease and flexibility.

WriteUpp becomes your secure, cloud-based mission control, putting everything you need at your fingertips.

  • Telehealth made easy: Conduct secure video consultations with patients, no matter their location. Break down geographical barriers and provide top-notch care from anywhere.
  • Scheduling simplified: Drag-and-drop appointments make scheduling a breeze. Plus, automated reminders keep patients on track and your calendar organised. Schedule appointments, add new patients, and seamlessly generate invoices — it's all in one intuitive hub.
  • Customisation is key: Craft custom intake forms and templates that perfectly align with your unique workflow and address specific patient needs.
  • Note-taking tailored to you: Choose from three pre-built note templates: a blank canvas, structured SOAP notes, or a dedicated treatment plan format. Customise clinical notes further to perfectly match your clinic's workflow.



WriteUpp offers a tiered pricing model based on the number of users. For a solo practitioner, it's just £14.95/month. Need online booking? Add it for an additional £4.95/month per practice. Additionally, customise your needs further with purchasable SMS credits and video consultation minutes.

WriteUpp compared with Carepatron



Though Carepatron offers a wealth of features to streamline healthcare practices, it's wise for practitioners to explore other options to find the perfect fit for their unique needs. Whether you're in need of a comprehensive private practice management system or specialised tools for your specific field, there's a range of choices available.

By carefully assessing the features, pricing, and user feedback of each alternative, practitioners can choose a solution that boosts efficiency, enhances patient care, and ultimately drives the success of their practice.

When considering alternatives to Carepatron, take into account factors like the size of your practice, your area of specialisation, user reviews, and essential features such as appointment scheduling, electronic health records, and telehealth capabilities. Additionally, evaluate the ease of use and interface design of each option, and make sure to compare pricing plans to ensure they fit within your budget.

By exploring alternatives like Medesk, Cliniko, WriteUpp, Jane, CareCloud, Practiepal, and Power Diary, practitioners can find a practice management system that aligns perfectly with their healthcare practice, streamlining workflow processes and driving success.

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