Online Appointment Booking

Sometimes receptionists are so busy that they have no time to book appointments over the phone and they can even miss incoming calls. Online appointment booking makes it fast and easy for patients to book appointments at the click of a button.
Online Appointment Booking

The Medesk Approach to Patient Management

Patient management software should offer transparent online booking options while maintaining overall control over your availability allows you to provide an excellent patient experience from start to finish. You want your patients to feel like they can book exactly what they want while making sure that they can only book what they really need.

Adopting an online appointment booking system increases patient loyalty and makes your practice more competitive. You can add an “Online Appointment Booking” link to your website, social media and other advertising channels. You can set it all up in less than 15 minutes.

Online Booking for Telemedicine Services

In Medesk, clinicians can turn any booked appointment into an online consultation at the click of a button.
  • Create telemedicine appointments in a single click
  • Patients can book online consultations via an online booking button
  • Secure access to telemedicine consultations straight from the patient portal
  • Convenient apps available for Android and iOS

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Take advantage of fully configurable online booking as part of Medesk medical management software

Let patients book by:
  • Clinician

  • Service

  • Location

  • Virtual vs. physical appointments

You can easily generate very specific booking links that correspond to the exact situation you have in mind. For example, you can add unique online booking options on your practice website, social media pages, and even in direct email correspondence with patients.

Сonvenience for receptionists and patients

You can place the "Online Appointment Booking" link on your website, on social media and on any other advertising channels.

You will receive detailed analytical reports, which tell you how any given patient found your practice. You will be able to make your the marketing strategy more effective.

Book Online Right from Your Smartphone

Watch this video and see how easy it can be for patients to book online.

Highly specific online booking links help to make sure that patients book the exact service they need every single time

Prepayments and Deposits with Stripe

Stripe provides you with a convenient way to collect prepayments and deposits. You'll slash the likelihood of no-shows and cancellations and make it incredibly easy for patients to understand exactly what they are paying for.

You can request minimum deposits (percentage or fixed sum) or ask patients to pay the full amount in advance.

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Expert Opinion: Is it useful to take prepayments from patients during online booking?

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Patients visiting Online Appointment Booking page will see your practice’s logo and brand colours. Stay recognisable enough for your current patients and promote your brand among new ones.

Expert Advice: How can you make sure that patients leave their real contact details during online booking?

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Expand your online booking and boost the patient experience

Here are some handy examples to help inspire you to expand your online booking and boost the patient experience right from the start of their journey with you:

  • Send patients emails that encourage them to book the correct follow-up appointment for their condition

  • Create email templates for all patients with diabetes, inviting them to a check-up with a nurse practitioner

  • Add bio pages on your website for each of your clinicians and offer a booking button for patients to make appointments directly with them

  • Explain all about individual services like ultrasound scans and make sure patients have reasonable expectations

  • Dr Hind Al-Husain
    Dr Hind Al-Husain
    The Holistic Womens Clinic, Founder and Holistic Gynaecologist
    I was very impressed with the professionalism and care taken to setup Medesk as my practice management system. Whilst dealing with Dr May, I was confident in his ability to deliver the product I wanted in the way I wanted - which he did in the time frame agreed and was readily accessible throughout. Medesk is a fantastic system which is intuitive, user-friendly and very easy to use without any loss of high-end functionality and is fully compliant with all legislation.
  • Victoria Fenton
    Victoria Fenton
    Integrative Medicine, Personalised Wellbeing
    Such a great, customisable system which will save me time, maintain absolute professionalism and makes running the management side of my business so simple.
  • Shirley McDonald
    Shirley McDonald
    Consultant Trichologist, The Institute Of Trichologists
    The best booking system if you have more than one employee. The support provided was great. Platform offers a bunch of customised features. Could be not as competitive as other similar products however, does offer more overall.
  • Deborah Creedy
    Deborah Creedy
    Glasgow Medical Rooms, Practice Manager
    The team at Glasgow Medical Rooms felt that the growth of the Practice required a bespoke software system for patient records and appointments. The process is almost at completion, support from the Medesk team has been excellent and responsive and we have a system which is user friendly and programmed to our individual needs.