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The list of medical software solutions that every practice will benefit from

Michael May
June 22, 2021

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If you wanted to open a medical practice just 10 years ago, you would have been mostly concerned with finding a suitable location and the right medical professionals to work there. Nowadays, however, one of the top priorities for any healthcare organisation is software. Technology helps to optimise your workflow, automate routine tasks, and increase your overall efficiency. Practices today must be treated like any other business if you want to deliver high-quality healthcare and maintain profitability at the same time.

Today we will share a list of medical software solutions that every practice, regardless of speciality, will benefit from:

1. Telemedicine software

If there is one good thing that the chaos of the pandemic has brought to the medical field, it is the enormous boost to telemedicine’s growth. As millions of people found themselves in lockdown, many have looked to telemedicine for online treatment of minor issues, post-operative checkups, and repeat prescriptions.

It is increasingly normal to choose online consultations instead of physical visits as telemedicine slowly becomes a must for many patients. As a consequence, if your practice has no plans of implementing it, you will miss out on many opportunities.

Medesk includes a built-in telemedicine platform to help you serve your patients from afar:

  • Convert any bookings into video calls at the click of a button
  • Share screens with your patients to boost engagement in their care
  • Automatically send reminders with secure video links directly to patients
  • Give patients access to the Medesk Meet app for safe and reliable video calling

Medesk includes telemedicine tools you can use to connect with your patients by video straight from the platform.

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[en] Telemed Doctor for EN Medesk Meet

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2. Online booking

Having an online booking solution on your website is a win-win. Your admin team will spend less time on the phone scheduling appointments, and patients can quickly book themselves a time slot based on real-time availability. Messaging and using chatbots as an attempt at a happy medium have made people uneasy about having to make calls to schedule their appointments. An online booking system eliminates that problem.

online booking pms Online booking Medesk

Medesk helps you to make the most out of the online booking process, including:

  • Track where patients first learned about your services
  • Understand which patient acquisition channels and referrals are most effective
  • Collect pre-payments to reduce the risk of cancellations and no-shows
  • Create unique booking links for individual doctors, services, locations and more

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3. Medical billing software

Financial operations can be overwhelming. Big or small, medical practices ought to have a reliable and secure solution to keep track of all financial activities, such as invoices and transactions involving patients. Without a good system in place, payments might get lost or delayed, and the accounting team will spend extra time putting everything in order.

Billing software keeps everything under control and provides a secure way of handling payments. It helps to have a system that works like clockwork, so that you can focus on other things. Such private practice software also allows data summaries and more in-depth analysis to see how your practice is doing financially.

Carry out most accounting activity directly within the Medesk platform. Our finance and accounting modules help you to track and manage payment processes, invoice generation at all stages of the patient journey.

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4. Electronic healthcare software (EHR)

EHR is a crucial component of patient care as it stores and organises one's medical history in the form of user-friendly graphs, summaries and tables. One of the reasons for its tremendous success is the ability to share data quickly across many medical institutions.

As patients move through life, they get treated at multiple clinics for various diseases. When this patient comes to you for a consultation, it makes a massive difference in treatment’s efficiency if the practitioner can access the whole medical history and can check previous diagnoses and prescribed drugs. With more data compiled in a short yet full summary, doctors can make better decisions.

Patient record (EHR) uk EHR in Medesk

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5. Reporting and data analysis software

Nowadays, it is easier than ever to collect, structure and analyse large volumes of data. The only thing we need to do is find the right software, and it will take care of the rest.

The benefits of data gathering are endless. From proof of concept to deciding on which department or speciality to expand, so-called big data is key. By regularly running reports and looking at graphs, you will improve your service quality and, ultimately, will increase future revenues.

[en] donut reports Reports in Medesk

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6. Practice management software

As mentioned earlier, a modern private practice must be managed like any other business to be successful. It often means having a single system where all data and processes are centralised. As a single platform, practice management software often combines all the solutions we have discussed above, serving as a one-stop shop for you and your team. It results in better-optimised processes that are synced with one another, reducing the risk of human error or the loss of important information. As a result, you improve staff job satisfaction, reduce stress levels, and have more time to dedicate to patients.

Medical software cannot replace doctors and non-clinical staff. However, it can significantly improve their experience at work, bring security and stability to your practice, and help you find creative solutions using data. Implementing a modern private practice software in your clinic will have a direct impact on patients’ health and well-being.

7. Medical CRM software

Medical CRM software is an essential tool for every clinic.

In a nutshell, medical CRM allows you to store and monitor all patient visit information: personal and medical history, patient notes, personal preferences, as well as previous interactions with your clinic.

Having all this information will allow you to:

  • Discover trends among patients. For example, which patients have come to your clinic after seeing your advertisements? What’s the average no-show rate? How do patients usually find your practice?
  • Personalize communication with each patient. Your marketing team can improve your marketing strategy by sending targeted SMS or email to specific audience segments.
  • Improve patient retention. You can use the medical CRM features to send automated appointment reminders to all patients. And more!

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