Data security is our number one priority. We protect all the information you add to the Medesk platform so your data is completely safe from anyone who would seek to invade your privacy or that of your patients.

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Everything is Secure to the Core with the Medesk Platform

We guarantee the security of all the information you enter into Medesk. All your data is protected in transfer and storage, and you can even set up different levels of access rights for your colleagues. We do everything we can to ensure you can work in complete confidentiality.

  • Secure and encrypted data protection
  • Reserve copies of data available for backup
  • Access rights settings
Everything is Secure to the Core with the Medesk Platform

Here’s how Medesk keeps everything under lock and key:

  • We take GDPR compliance very seriously and have built the Medesk platform with these rules in mind from the start
  • Role-based access to ensure people only see the information they should
  • Globally recognised 2048-bit SLL certificate
  • Redundant cloud storage, with servers based wholly in the United Kingdom
  • High-security data centres as used by leading banks and financial institutions
  • All the data we store is available to you at all times, and can be permanently destroyed upon request

Give your patients and colleagues the protection they deserve.

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