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How Clinic Management Software Helps You Match Patients' Expectations

Clinic Management Software

Medical software should be dedicated to optimising your quality of care. Although it's likely that you already have a fair idea of what your patients expect from your clinic, nothing is ever as simple as it might seem. You could do with some decision-making support. By using private practice software, you can track all the key performance indicators you would expect, as well as discover a whole host of facts about service quality and the patient experience in your clinic.

Discover What Patients Really Expect From Your Clinic

It's always a good idea to find out what your patients like most about your clinic and using private practice software to gather data is one way to act upon this crucial information. Getting direct feedback from your patients is great and running analytics on what is actually happening in your clinic is even better. The Medesk Analytics module accompanies our medical software to assist each and every private practice manager to make the right decisions for your clinic.

Medesk is an assistant for clinic managers, collects and presents complex statistics about the work of the clinic in a simple and understandable way, that makes it easier for the manager to make both operational and strategic decisions.

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Learn more about what your patients really want and act on it when you can:

  • Learn which services, times and practitioners are most popular with patients
  • Find out which clinicians your patients prefer to see
  • Track complaints and take appropriate action
  • Discover the times of day that are busiest for specific locations, services and clinicians
  • Cut down on cancellations and no-shows by understanding exactly why they happen

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Workload Volume

As a private practice manager, you know that excessive clinician workload without sufficient reward has a direct effect on the patient experience. Tired, burnt-out clinicians are more likely to have poorer bedside manner and experience lower job satisfaction. This influences their quality of care and your patient retention rates. Whether you want a better work-life balance or need to learn who is seeing the lion's share of your clinic's clients, Medesk can help you. The Analytics module in our private practice software platform will help you, giving you the justification you need to make smarter business decisions.

Get the most out of your colleagues while making sure your clinic is a great place for patients and staff alike:

  • Compare workload volume for specific practitioners and services
  • Discover your busiest times of day and plan accordingly
  • Understand the profitability of different scenarios
  • Set up bonus schemes directly related to clinician and receptionist performance
  • Examine patient feedback systematically and take appropriate action

The Medesk Analytics module is ideal for understanding where to start with your payroll. It helps you gather the evidence you need to reward your colleagues for their efforts in a fair and transparent way.

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Learn Why Your Patients Cancel and Take Action

One of the key performance indicators in medical practice management is your cancellation rate. You surely want as low a cancellation rate as possible but patients can change their plans for all sorts of reasons. While some things like coronavirus self-isolation are out of your control, many other factors can be tracked and controlled. The Medesk Analytics module tells you everything there is to know about your cancellations and helps you understand how to put matters right.

Good clinic management software should aid you in handling at least the following points:

  • Calculate your cancellation and no-show rates automatically as you go along
  • Record and track the exact reasons for cancellations and DNAs
  • Match non-attendance with affected services and practitioners
  • Discover which patient acquisition channels give you the most unreliable patients
  • Learn how much money you stand to lose and enact a pre-payment scheme for bookings

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Keep an Eye on Complaints and Feedback

Getting complaints and other feedback is part and parcel of running any business, and healthcare is no different in this regard. While you may feel that receiving negative comments is a wholly bad thing, it actually represents an opportunity for you to grow and improve. To become the best private practice manager you can be, you must treat feedback constructively and systematically. If you do, your practice and your patients only stand to benefit.

Using medical software with intertwined task management and analytical components enables you to:

  • Track and delegate tasks for gathering and responding to feedback
  • Tag patients according to their issues and let them know when you've put things right
  • Categorise and quantify complaints to understand your biggest weaknesses
  • Match complaints up with associated practitioners and services
  • Take the opportunity to re-educate your colleagues and ensure issues and resolved permanently

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CQC and QOF Reporting

One of the most time-consuming and yet unavoidable aspects of running a medical practice involves preparing reports to send to the Care Quality Commission (CQC). There are, of course, QOF reports to contend with as well if you're in primary care. Medical software like Medesk collects all the relevant data pertaining to specific reports as you go along using the platform.

Get back to patient care and submit your CQC reports with the least amount of hassle:

  • Transfer exactly the reports you need from our report library
  • Automatically take all the relevant information from the patient record
  • Demonstrate you've done your due diligence in every single case
  • Select a date range and build your report in a couple of clicks
  • Export your reports in precisely the format the CQC expects

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