Management Reporting

Successful medical practice management requires continuous and reliable monitoring of your clinic’s key performance indicators.

Our platform includes a powerful Analytics module that works as a decision-making support tool. We help you understand what you're doing right and what you could do better in all kinds of aspects of practice management. Whether you're a private practice manager or a solo practitioner, Medesk brings together all you need to run your medical business effectively and provide patients with the best possible care.

Management Reporting
Private Practice Hub

This is a valuable and unique tool that delivers statistics in an easy to interpret way with charts and graphs. Fully customisable to each practice, so much information can be discovered, for example: the most popular day of visiting the practice; the most popular service that clients are using; or which advertising campaigns are the most successful. From this data informed decisions can then be made to tailor where money is spent on advertising or focusing on quieter days to promote special offers.

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Dozens of Ready-made Reports at Your Fingertips

Our report library contains more than 40 fully functional, colour-coded reports. You can examine your clinic's business processes and key performance indicators very easily. If you want, you can even take our reports and then tweak them to perfection for your exact needs.

The Medesk report library helps you get off on the right foot with analytics in the following categories:

  • Marketing reports looking at patient acquisition channels, return on investment, and so on
  • Service quality reports ensuring that the patient experience is top-notch throughout your practice
  • Clinical reports examining lab results and care quality for your own interest or to submit to the CQC
  • Sales reports helping you understand what services are most lucrative and which clinicians generate the most revenue
  • Financial reports tracking aged receivables, payment statuses and much more
  • Workload reports to see which clinicians are busiest and when

Standard Performance Reports You Should Always Use

Dig into the Exact Data You Need to Achieve Your Goals

Medesk automatically gathers a vast array of information about your patients, their appointments and all sorts of other bits and pieces just through your everyday use of our practice management software. Practice managers can easily develop their own custom reports and make effective decisions even at a glance. There’s a whole host of options available and it takes mere minutes to get started.

  • Colour-coded tags and labels for all clinical and business processes
  • Visual reports for instant insight into your practice’s true performance
  • Gauge the true health of your clinic with key ready-made charts and graphs
  • Utilise our flexible report editor to generate completely customised reports
  • Discover your most effective patient acquisition channels and take immediate action

Key Healthcare Metrics Your Private Practice Manager Should Target

Clinical workload capacity
The most popular medical service
Average age and other patient demographics
The most popular day of the week for visiting the clinic
Amanda Burton

You know, the reporting is very strong. The marketing side of it is very strong. The tags - I love the use of tags because I get tags. I've got a background in that kind of way of having taxonomies and things like that. So tagging comes naturally to me. One very important thing that I've managed to do, and I've done it with tags and tasks, a combination of tags and tasks, is that I've made a patient tracker. And you need a patient tracker for the CQC. You can actually demonstrate that you're tracking patients right through their treatment pathway. And that's been brilliant because we've managed to get rid of a lot of paper forms.

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The Analytics module helps you to gather all the necessary information from a variety of sources

  • Patient records to segment your patients into groups by demographics, revenue brought in and more

  • Appointments to make sure you make the most of your opportunity to retain patients

  • Health packages offered, services rendered and products sold

  • Invoices and payments to forecast growth

  • Lab orders to keep an eye on turnaround time, cost of order, and results

  • Payroll and workload to calculate commissions, understand your busiest periods and so on

Generate QOF and CQC Reports at the Click of a Button

Here are just a few examples of CQC and QOF reports you can easily print off straight from Medesk:
  • The percentage of patients with depression who were reviewed within 10-35 days of their diagnosis

  • Cancer reporting, including ICD-10 diagnosis and screening offered

  • The percentage of patients aged 40+ with a blood pressure measurement taken in the past 5 years

  • Primary prevention measures taken for patients with new diagnoses of hypertension and/or type 2 diabetes

  • The percentage of COPD patients who have been offered a flu jab

Make Sure You Spend Your Advertising Budget Wisely

Whether you have a dedicated marketing specialist on your side or not, our clinic management software helps you to:
  • Learn which are your most cost-effective patient acquisition channels

  • Encourage new patients to book online from wherever they might hear about you

  • Segment your patient cohort and discover what kind of advertising works well for each group

  • Understand which services and clinicians are most popular

  • Make evidence-based decisions to cut costs and optimise your marketing plan

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Discover What's Popular in Your Clinic Right Now

Find out more about what your patients really want and make the right decisions for your clinic with Medesk Analytics module:
  • Learn which services are most popular with patients and profitable for you

  • Find out which clinicians your patients prefer to see

  • Discover the times of day that are busiest for specific locations, services and clinicians

  • Cut down on cancellations and no-shows by understanding exactly why they happen

How Clinic Management Software Helps You Match Your Patients' Expectations at Every Turn

Medical Practice Management and Payroll Calculations

Medesk aims to make payroll calculations easier to handle by tracking your colleagues' work and giving you all the numbers you need to pay out the correct amounts.
  • Generate reports for specific time periods including calendar and business days

  • Split payment schemes into fixed and bonus aspects

  • Work out the commission due using fixed values and percentages

  • Offer different bonuses depending on the service or product involved

  • Create bonus schemes for clinicians and admin staff alike

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