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“Medesk is About Opportunity”: Medesk CEO on the company's philosophy

Vladimir Kovalskiy
April 16, 2017

What is Medesk Now

Medesk is a digital health platform that lets you manage your practice with ease. Our medical management software helps you to run all of your key business processes. We cover everything from convenient online appointment booking for patients and flexible schedule management for doctors to detailed treatment notes and seamless billing management.

We provide a one-stop platform with options to fulfil all the IT requirements of your practice - whether you need an online appointment booking solution, electronic health records, patient note templates, reports or billing. All of the features are packed into an easy-to-use interface so you won’t have to deal with any other service providers.

Let us take care of the intricacies of the deployment and integration of our services with your existing IT systems. We’ll deal with all the technical stuff so that you can focus on your patients. That’s the promise upon which we always deliver.

Medesk is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution so there are no long-term commitments required on your part. We think that clients of any service should stick around because they enjoy it, not because of a contract they’ve signed. As such, ours is a service model business and, like any other, it needs to be constantly evaluated and regularly updated. Medesk is all about freedom and flexibility.

Medesk is an assistant for clinic managers, collects and presents complex statistics about the work of the clinic in a simple and understandable way, that makes it easier for the manager to make both operational and strategic decisions.

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This proactive approach drives our day-to-day efforts and we are laser-focused on providing the best customer experience possible. We believe this is how excellent service should be delivered - through constant improvement and attention to each and every detail, taking into account customer requests and their valuable feedback.

Our Philosophy

Medesk is all about opportunity. Namely, the opportunity to use the latest advancements in the IT industry in the most convenient and affordable way. The opportunity to manage your practice more efficiently. The opportunity to communicate with and serve patients more conveniently. The opportunity to influence the nation’s healthcare system with collaboration tools that allow for greater transparency and affordability. It is the best way to measure every aspect of your practice and constantly work on its improvement.

We are on a mission to deliver excellent medical management software and outstanding customer support in the medical world.

Medesk is a team of avid digital health supporters who are passionate about solving complex problems and having the ability to influence the most vital sector for everyone who needs it. The amazing diversity in our team’s professional and cultural backgrounds forges a product of real value and service to the clinics, practices and patients alike.

We value consistency in service delivery and strive towards perfection in the user experience. As such, all of our regular updates are based on real feedback from thousands of doctors, administrators, nurses and other healthcare practitioners who take care of patients every day.

Medesk Founders

The idea for Medesk came from our parents and personal experience. Since they and most of our extended family are doctors, we both grew up in a medical environment and we were deeply affected by all the good and bad sides of the healthcare system and overall care delivery. My co-founder and I were definitely more into IT, spending our first couple of years after graduation in the Japanese IT sphere. We quickly understood that there are lots of medical products that could be improved and implemented at scale. We were also inspired by the gorgeous Japanese service culture, based on the delivery of ultimate customer satisfaction. These ideas form the essence of our project.

Once we began exploring opportunities and ran software pilot studies in local practices, it became obvious that so many healthcare market players (doctors, practices, insurance companies, clinics, labs, corporate clients etc.) had to host stacks of healthcare data in their own databases. What’s more, they were even collaborating using only Excel and paper… We immediately recognised that the lack of transparency in healthcare makes medical services less efficient and overall business management more painful. This is what digital healthcare is about - striving to streamline transparent healthcare delivery. This is what Medesk is all about. We believe that, with the exponential growth of IT and cloud-based services, it is ridiculous how expensive and difficult it still is for a given clinic to run all their processes online and connect with clients and patients in the click of a button.

Our Clients

Medesk aims to fulfill the needs of those businesses that are constantly at the frontline of patient services - practices, clinics and individual GPs are all set to benefit from this seamless medical management software solution. It is an honour for us to support their core business operations and their continued growth.

Nowadays, the healthcare market is becoming more competitive than ever before. Patients have become accustomed to getting the best quality services directly via their smartphones, and they’re starting to seek the same level of quality from their healthcare providers. It is a challenge for all businesses in this sphere to offer adequate services and tools for them to use. Medesk provides a complete set of tools for patient service and collaboration. It is a platform that is on a par with the most sophisticated on-premises software solutions but is available instantly online without additional installation costs or hidden deployment fees.

We are passionate about bringing our top-notch platform to healthcare professionals, thus helping them to boost their own business processes and ideas. I am sure that the more tools we provide to our clients, the more compelling service they will provide to their patients. We offer a genuine competitive advantage in the mobile age.

Our Vision

Digital healthcare (DH) is an effective way to streamline healthcare delivery, making it transparent and affordable. DH is all about data and the integration of different services based on that data. You can use smart devices to efficiently monitor outpatients, letting a single doctor operate an entire monitoring program on a subscription basis. This is the best way for you to grow as a healthcare provider, and this exactly what we do.

Ideas and passion are what drives businesses forwards. We at Medesk are powered by the same fuel and the same passion, and we want to share with our valued clients, associates and partners.

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