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7+ Effective Ways to Attract Patients to Your Clinic in 2024

Looking to increase patient flow to your clinic? You’ve come to the right place! Learn to market your clinic and drive new patient traffic.

7 Tips for Organizing Electronic Health Records in 2024

Discover 7 useful tips for organizing electronic health records and making the most out of your EHR software.

6 Effective Patient Loyalty Programs (in Healthcare & Wellness)

Learn all about the 6 most effective patient loyalty programs that can enhance your medical practice. 10 patient loyalty program benefits included!

How to Pick the Best EHR for Solo Practice [in 2024]

Looking for EHR for your solo practice? Learn how to pick the best option with our guide! EHR solo practice benefits and features included.

Choosing the best practice management system

Such systems increase productivity, efficiency, and transparency, helping your private practice manager to save time and stay on top of all operations.

The Benefits and Risks of EHRs for a Private Practice

Today we will take a look at some of the most common pros and cons of EHR software and see if the benefits outweigh the risks.

Medical CRM: Why You Need One and How To Choose It

A modern medical CRM enables easy access to a patient's medical, payment and behavioral history, allowing you to boost loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Electronic Health Records System for Your Mental Health Practice

If you are unsure whether or not your practice needs EHR software, here are four reasons why you should consider getting one for your mental health clinic.

How Organizations Can Protect Themselves from the Rise of Cyberattacks

Learn how to protect healthcare organizations from cyberattacks by utilizing modern practice management software and data backup.

How to Increase the Number of Patient Visits and Improve Retention

Today we will share some tips to help your clinic increase the number of patient visits and encourage your patients to come back.

How to Manage Your Private Practice: Keys to Success

Your medical practice will only survive if you stay on track with the business side of it. We have some tips to point you in the right direction.

Medical CRM Systems: How to Keep Your Patient Communications on Track

Medical CRM tools should be a vital part of your clinic’s workflow if you want to deliver the best possible healthcare while growing as a business.

Top Tips to Manage Expectations with a Patient CRM

Discover how to use patient management software to boost communication quality, speed up the delivery of information and optimise the provision of services.

Best Tips to Manage Your Medical Practice

Here are some actionable tips that will help you manage your private practice in the best way.

Key Healthcare Metrics Your Private Practice Manager Should Target

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are an essential part of the running of any business and healthcare is no different. If you want your clinic to prosper, then your private practice manager should be focusing on a crucial set of metrics that we’ll discuss in the article.

Online Mental Health Clinics: The Fundamentals You Need to Know

Medesk is here to show you how you can bring your business back to life and expand like never before. Discover what you can achieve with the right tools.

Patient Management Software and its Benefits for Clinicians

Patient management software is vital for private clinics that want to succeed. Let’s look at what your clinic gains from using it.

Hair loss clinics and the next generation of client care

How to build an effective hair loss clinic and patient management with Medesk software. We show you how to benefit quickly from flexible online booking tools.

Medical Practice Management: How to Benefit from a Systematic Approach

Learn how to implement a systematic approach to medical practice management in your private practice and increase your effectiveness.

How Clinic Management Software Helps You Match Patients' Expectations

With private practice software, you can track all the KPIs and discover facts about service quality and patient experience in your clinic.

How to Choose the Best EHR Software for Your Clinic

This article covers some of the most important factors you need to consider when choosing software, including security, service quality and price.

How Private Practice Software Helps to Improve Patient Acquisition

If you're looking to develop your clinic, read on to discover how medical practice management software can help you grow sustainably into the future.

Fitness and Physical Activities for Successful Patient Management

Patient management software encourages patient engagement in his own health and helps him focus on fitness and physical activities during therapy.

How to Build Effective Clinics and Patient Management Working Remotely

Our aim is to help you build an effective clinic while working remotely by using the Medesk tools like task delegating, medical CRM and analytics.

All You Need to Know About Online Consultations in Short Videos

If your patients cannot come to a clinic, we have a way out. You can convert existing appointments into video calls, while keeping your patients informed.

How to Become the Best Private Practice Manager You Can Be

Learn how to be a private practice manager with several responsibilities: people management, finances, and ensuring the best patient experience.

Blogging in Private Practice: Why and How You Should Start Now

Let’s take a look at how creating an engaging blog on your practice website will help you to increase visitor conversion and build your patients’ trust.

Your Checklist for Starting a Therapist's Private Practice in the UK

If you want to start a therapist private practice in the UK, we have put together a clear checklist of items you need to tick off to succeed.

Patient CRM: How to Build the Best Relationship with Your Patients

Learn how to use client relationship management (CRM) to build the most effective relationships with your patients and keep retention rates high.

How to make your EHR work for you

Learn how electronic health records boost your clinical effectiveness by providing information about your patients if implemented correctly.

Telemedicine: Making Life Easier for Your Practice and Your Patients

Let’s examine how you can make the most out of telemedicine in your private practice with the help of the Medesk platform.

The Best Tools to Attract Patients to Your Clinic - Part 2

It can be challenging to develop a marketing strategy and bring it to life. In this article, Medesk examines how to leverage the best patient acquisition tools.

EHR: Good for Your Practice, Even Better for Your Patients

This article examines how a well-organised EHR module can help you to run your clinic and provide the best care for your patients.

Patient Management: What You Can Learn from CRM Software

Let’s take a look at how you can combine healthcare provision with CRM techniques by means of an intuitive, integrated practice management system.

Effective Patient Management with Medesk Software

Your success in private practice comes down to how well you communicate with your patients and how conveniently you provide them with what they need.

Medical Billing: What You Need to Know

Let's take a look at the principles of medical billing for insurance claims and self-pay patients. Learn how to generate medical bills and invoices.

Online Consultations: How it Works in Practice

Today we will discuss the essence of online consultations and examine how telemedicine should work in practice, concentrating on video calls.

Telemedicine: Preparing to Work Online

To make sure that your clinic stays afloat, take your practice online. This article examines what you need to consider and get right before you make the leap.

Telemedicine, Telehealth & mHealth

Before we dig into the benefits of using telemedicine, telehealth & mHealth in your practice, it’s worth understanding exactly what we mean by these terms.

Why Switch from Paper to Electronic Health Records

Learn the benefits of digital solutions in medical practice, and why it is crucial to switch to using electronic health records.

5 Simple Steps Towards Working with Patients Remotely

We will show you how to work with patients if they cannot come to your clinic remotely using practice management software modules.

Practice Management Software That Does More Than a Standard Package

A practice management software that helps to cut down on administrative tasks and let you establish the most concise marketing strategy all in one product.

5 Best Tips to Get Your Practice Management Software Up and Running

Practice management systems are an excellent and even necessary addition to your clinic’s toolset, so it is vital that you understand how to best to use them.

How to Use Electronic Health Records to Optimize Patient Care

Electronic health records are now a necessity if you want to provide the best patient experience to all those who walk through your doors.

How to Choose Medical Practice Management Software for Your Clinic

Choosing a practice management system can be much simpler with our tips. Find out how to make sure whether a given software is suitable for your practice.

Practice Management Software: Automate Your Paperwork in 5 Steps

Learn the ways you can use a practice management system to sort out your medical note-taking. Here's how you can enter data smartly.

The Role of Practice Management Software in Patient Retention

Don’t switch to digital just for the sake of it. Implement our knowledge to manage your practice and succeed in business.

Top Practice Management Software Features You Need to Be Looking for

We will examine fundamental medical practice management software features and discuss the advantages of their use in terms of the patient journey

Choosing Medical Practice Management Software: Top 5 Mistakes

Make sure your practice management system includes these fundamental features so it doesn't push your practice to the brink.

Practice Management System: The Best Ways to Train Receptionists

With the right training on how to use a practice management software, clinic staff will be able to automate many of their current tasks.

Proper Receptionist's Training: A Guide for Practice Managers

Find out the best ways to delegate tasks to reception staff and motivate them to promote clinical services with proper practice management software

Put Yourself in the Patient's Shoes Using Practice Management Software

Find out how to maintain a high quality of service using practice management software in our interview with Helena Kanayeva, Brand Director for Euromed Group.

How to Promote Your Practice with Practice Management Software

Carefully considered business strategy supported by medical practice management software is the best strategy to promote your practice properly.

Power Information: Part 2 of Our Interview with Dr. Suvir Venkataraman

Learn how to make the most of the team members’ experience in our interview with Dr. Suvir Venkataraman, General Manager of Harley Street Fertility Clinic.

Bring Energy to Your Practice: Interview with Dr. Suvir Venkataraman

Dr. Suvir Venkataraman, General Manager of Harley Street Fertility Clinic, shares his life lessons from which new and seasoned practice managers can learn.

How to Run a Paperless Clinic: Interview with Marites Cross, Part 2

Marites Cross, managing director of East Anglia Ultrasound Services, outlines the benefits of the most effective time management skills and tools.

“Treat Failure as a Challenge”, Interview with Marites Cross, Part 1

Marites Cross, managing director at East Anglia Ultrasound Services tells us all about what it takes to provide the ultimate patient satisfaction.

Real Integration of Services Makes All the Difference: Part 2

Dr Stefaan Vossen, clinical director and founder of Core Clinics, shares the main dos and don’ts for practice managers as the role of digital health increases.

Balance Is the Key to Success at Work: Part 1

Dr Stefaan Vossen, clinical director of Core Clinics, explains how to manage the various aspects of your work while providing excellent care for all patients.

Using Digital Health and Big Data to Enhance Your Practice: Part 2

Carl Walker, NQICAN chair, discusses how you can leverage digital health to create dynamic solutions for the patient experience and your clinic’s prospects.

How to Boost Clinical Practice with an Evidence-Based Audit: Part 1

With Clinical Audit Awareness Week approaching, NQICAN chair Carl Walker shows us how to use an evidence-based approach to improve our clinical practice.

Seeing is Believing: Part 3

Dr Kate Silvester shares her thoughts on how private practices can benefit from managing their systems and avoiding common mistakes too easy to make.

Clinic Sessions as Production Lines: Part 2

Dr. Kate Silvester, an expert in clinical systems improvement, on how clinicians learn about productivity from professional fields outside healthcare.

Efficient Time Management in Medical Practice: Production Lines

In our interview, Dr. Kate Silvester, a UK specialist in clinical systems improvement, discusses efficient time management in medical practices.

Consumers of Health: Interview with Liz Ashall-Payne, Part 3

Liz Ashall-Payne, CEO and founder of ORCHA, names major challenges about implementation of digital health.

"Start with the problem": Interview with Liz Ashall-Payne, Part 2

Liz Ashall-Payne, CEO and founder of ORCHA, told us how doctors and patients could take advantage of digital health.

From an illness service into a wellness service

Liz Ashall-Payne, CEO and founder of ORCHA, told us about her career path and future of medicine with digital health solutions.

Patients as Customers: Medical Practice Management (Part 2)

Keith Pollard, CEO of Intuition Communication, speaks about the ways for private doctors to improve their practice management and attract more patients.

Patients as Customers: Medical Practice Management (Part 1)

An interview with Keith Pollard from Intuition Communication about the best ways for private doctors to improve their medical practice management.