Medical Software: Features

Automating your practice’s operation with the help of Medesk leads to the simple and convenient organisation of clinical work. Learn about the key benefits of our cloud-based digital healthcare platform and reach a whole new level of medical practice.

How Medical Software Empowers Your Practice:

Online Booking

Add to your patient list with the power of the Internet. You can add an “Online Appointment Booking” link to your website, social media and other advertising channels. More


You can easily and quickly control the status of appointments and ongoing treatments, and then inform patients about the upcoming appointment. [__More__](/en/schedule/)


Each patient’s data is stored in an individual Electronic Health Record (EHR). This allows you to track the treatment process and to maintain complete continuity of care. [__More__](/en/electronic-health-records/)


As practice manager, you will receive a full range of statistics on the performance of your medical practice, including data on services rendered, repeat visits, phone calls and doctors’ workload distribution. More

Task Management

Scribbled reminders on Post-it Notes and in daily planners are easy to overlook. Medesk AutoTasks works to remind you of all the pertinent information just in time for you to communicate it to your patients More

Customisable Templates

Create your own outlines for forms and reports. Customise documents to suit your practice’s requirements by using templates that help to save you time. More


We protect all information transferred such that your data is completely safe from unscrupulous sorts who would seek to invade your privacy and/or that of your patients. More


The quicker you can exchange data with your colleagues and associates, the easier your work becomes and the less time you lose. Medesk integrates simply with any software product (e.g. ATC, ERP). More

Stock Reporting

Medesk helps you manage consumable materials and writes them off automatically whenever associated services are rendered. You can also carry out an economical analysis, particularly when it comes to working out the actual cost of different services. More