Electronic Health Record System

Electronic Health Records (EHR) much more convenient and secure than paper ones! They can never be never lost and, if necessary, they can always be printed. EHR contain complete information about the patient including services rendered and treatment programs.

Not Just a Electronic Health Record System

The Medesk EHR module is so much more than just a patient record.

You’ll benefit from a wide range of handy tools:

  • Wean yourself off paperwork and digitise your practice
  • Drag and drop to upload scans, lab results and much more
  • Automate your prescriptions with our drug database from eMC
  • Label each diagnosis with ICD-10 for greater accuracy
  • Employ expertly formatted documents for any purpose
  • Make the most of ready-made and customisable templates

How Medesk Helps GPs

Data is king nowadays, and it can tell us everything we ever wanted to know about EHRs and their insertion into the world of medical practice.

Each patient’s data is stored in an individual Electronic Health Record (EHR). This allows you to track the treatment process and to maintain complete continuity of care.