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The Telemedicine you have been waiting for

The Telemedicine you have been waiting for
Free video consultations for all Medesk users until 1st June. You can schedule virtual appointments directly from Medesk.

You can turn any of your booked appointments into an online consultation simply by clicking a button!

You can carry out virtual appointments directly from Medesk. You don’t need to use your phone, give out your contact details or work with any other software. Patient-facing activity is always done using your clinic’s name and patients can book online easily via the Medesk Online Booking tool. We’ll give you unique booking links to your clinic website, social media pages and even individual referrers. It’s as simple as that!

Available for free until 1st June

All Medesk users can connect and use Video Consultations for free until 1st June.

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Online Consultations in Medesk advantages:

  • Create or convert to telemedicine appointments in a single click
  • Patients can book online consultations directly via our Online Booking tool
  • Secure access to telemedicine consultations straight from the patient portal
  • Convenient apps available for Android and iOS

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