Company Profile

Medesk makes healthcare simple and transparent

Medesk is cloud-based practice management software that makes working with patients and medical data easier for doctors, receptionists and practice managers.

How We Help

Practice managers, clinic receptionists and doctors get through plenty of paperwork. Communication with patients, NHS, insurance companies, medical equipment manufacturers and laboratories takes up time and resources. Medesk medical management software is a cloud-based platform that helps you to simplify the routine work of your practices and clinics.

As the practice manager, you'll get a complete account of how your practice is running. We provide a full range of statistics on phone calls, medical services rendered, patient retention rate and doctors' workload distribution. In the meantime, your patients will get automatic reminders of the dates and times of their appointments, and they'll be able to book an appointment online at their own convenience.

Milena Adamian
MD, PhD, Managing Partner, Azimuth Ventures

"I have been privileged enough to watch Medesk since its early days and have been fascinated by the development of its “end-to-end” solution to practice management. Medesk represents a technologically advanced solution but also is a “great product-market fit”.

To determine the value of any such solution in healthcare, one should not be blinded by the “high-tech” component of it, but rather assess the completeness of the solution from the perspective of a healthcare professional. My background as a medical practitioner and investor gives me the necessary knowledge and awareness to give Medesk the highest praise.

In my view, the provision of Medesk as a “full stack solution” to all practices struggling with their efficiencies and thus profitability is exactly what doctor ordered".

Who Are We?

Medesk was founded by software developers born into doctors’ families, so we deeply understand doctors’ needs and the issues they face. Medesk is a team of avid digital health supporters who are passionate about solving complex problems and having the ability to influence the most vital sector for everyone who needs it. The amazing diversity in our team’s professional and cultural backgrounds forges a product of real value and service to clinics, practices and patients alike.

We value consistency in service delivery and strive towards perfection in the user experience. As such, all of our regular updates are based on real feedback from thousands of our doctors, administrators, nurses and other healthcare practitioners who take care of patients every day.

Why Is Your Practice Important To Us?

Digital healthcare (DH) is all about integrating your data with that of your partners (insurance companies, laboratories etc.) Cloud-based data exchange lets you work faster and more easily, so you can get closer to your patients. DH is an effective way to deliver medical services more quickly and accurately while cutting down on costs.

Also you can use smart devices to efficiently monitor outpatients, letting a single doctor operate an entire monitoring program on a subscription basis. This is the best way for you to grow as a healthcare provider, and this exactly what we do. We know exactly how to implement new technologies to enhance your medical practice.

Ideas and passion are what drives businesses forwards. We at Medesk are powered by the same fuel and the same passion, and we want to share this with our clients.