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The KAL-Med Consulting Case Study: Simplifying Document Management

Find out how KAL-Med Consulting optimises document-related work with Medesk custom templates and consultation notes.

How PMS Creates a Transparent and Dynamic Culture in Our Clinic

The manager of The Prime Clinic, Arman Ali told us how to build all the processes in the clinic with the help of Medesk practice management software.

Practice Management Software: Medesk Onboarding Process

We are always excited when our clients find time to share their experiences of working with the Medesk platform. Here’s our newest client’s success story.

How to Be a Doctor

In the first post in our new blog series, “How to Be a Doctor”, Marites Cross tells us about her priorities as a healthcare practitioner.

Analyzing Business Activity with Practice Management Software

In the third part of Andrew Morozoff's insight we discuss the most effective ways to transform the clinic with the help of practice management software.

Growing Your Patient List with Smart Practice Management Software

Learn how to evaluate your employees’ efficiency and start motivating them with proper medical practice management software

How to Use Practice Management Software to Boost a Patient List

With unique insights from Andrew Morozoff, Founder of the All-European “Medical Diagnostic Center” clinical group

Data Continuity in the Transition to New Practice Management Software

Andrew G., a urologist and specialist in male health at Modern Diagnostics explains what clinicians stand to gain from using electronic health record system.

How PMS Saves Patients’ Time with the Online Booking Feature

Online booking with practice management software saves you time. Find out how to adapt your working approach and stay above the competitors.