Electronic Health Records Software for Oncology Clinics

Use oncology EHR software to boost your clinic's performance, profitability, and patient care! It is far more reliable and effective than paper medical records. Because oncology EHR are securely stored in the cloud, they cannot be misplaced or lost. Oncology EHR software saves time by easily collecting and organizing patient data, minimizing any oncologist’s administrative load!

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Electronic Health Records Software for Oncology Clinics

Medesk Oncology EHR Software Includes:

  • Electronic patient portal - Access a detailed account of your patients’ medical history at all times and places.
  • Flexible documentation - Create, store, and organize all of your documents in one space.
  • Uploaded files - Scan, store, and view patients’ digital documents straight in the electronic patient record.
  • Billing management - Generate invoices, receipts, and much more with a single click through the improved billing process our oncology EHR offers.
Medesk Oncology EHR Software Includes:

Being able to run a paperless practice where all the information needed is stored in one secure place is something that many practitioners dream of! Within Medesk’s practice management software this is made into a reality. Client’s medical history, a log of communication and storage for any uploaded documents are amongst the many features of this component. Forms and documents can also be created and saved within your client’s record. This is one factor that especially illustrates how Medesk know their user base and want to make life as easy as possible for practitioners.

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Boost Your Practice With Our Oncology EHR Software

When it comes to providing an exceptional patient experience, Medesk oncology EHR software has you fully covered through:

  • Automated appointment scheduling is designed to improve your oncology practic
  • Improved management of no-shows and cancellations with EHR’s built-in appointment reminders.
  • Automatically generated documents and customized templates for your oncology clinic.
  • Improved processing of internal and patient-related documents.

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Medesk Oncology EHR Saves You Time and Effort

Medesk oncology EHR software enhances patient care by saving your time and effort. Our EHR system features drag and drop tools, click button choices, drop-down lists, and much more to ease your note-taking and free up your time. The software allows you to fully optimize your medical records, maintain a more efficient workflow, and dedicate your time to providing excellent customer care.

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Medesk Oncology EHR Saves You Time and Effort

Medesk Oncology EHR System Keeps Patient Data Safe

  • Medesk oncology EHR conforms with EU data protection standards, ensuring the security of your patients' data at all times.
  • Oncology EHR software allows you to store medical records separate from private patient data, thus protecting your patients’ identities.
  • You have complete control over who has access to your patients’ medical records.
  • Medesk EHR makes it simple and secure to transfer your patients’ data if they ever wish to switch providers.

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Medesk Oncology EHR System Keeps Patient Data Safe

Medesk Oncology EHR - the Best Choice For Your Oncology Practice

Our oncology EHR stores each patient’s data separately, allowing you to track individual progress and provide excellent care.

We want to make our oncology EHR implementation as smooth as possible. This is where our experts come in! They can help you determine your exact administrative needs, what documents you need for your oncology practice, and how to properly organize your EHR. And that’s not all—after our consultation, you'll be able to use customized templates designed to save your time and effort and automatically generate many documents.

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Medesk Oncology Electronic Health Records Software Allows You To:

  • Provide a smooth, optimal healthcare experience to keep your patients satisfied.
  • Make your patients' medical data easily accessible to staff members.
  • Boost your note-taking practice with personalized EHR templates.
  • Automatically create prescriptions, reference letters, and other documents.

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Medesk Oncology Electronic Health Records Software Allows You To:

Medesk Oncology EHR - Next-Level Health Record Syste

Our oncology EHR software offers a number of useful tools designed to boost your oncology practice:

  • Oncology practice digitization saves time by eliminating time-consuming paperwork.
  • Oncology EHR drag-and-drop technologies make it easy to transfer images, lab data, and more.
  • Our eMC medication database makes it simple to automate your prescriptions.
  • ICD-10 aids in labeling each oncological diagnosis accurately.
  • Our ready-to-use, customizable templates can help you grow your oncology practice all the more.

Leverage Your Oncology EHR Software With Medesk Support

Our operators, knowledgeable in both IT and healthcare, will answer any queries you might have. Here is exactly what they’ll do for you:

  • Real-time customer service via live chat, screen sharing, and phone.
  • Weekly training sessions for your staff.
  • Regularly held online masterclasses and training sessions.
  • Role-specific training is provided at no additional cost.
Leverage Your Oncology EHR Software With Medesk Support

Why Switch To Oncology Electronic Health Records

Switching from paper to electronic health records improves the overall efficiency of your oncology practice, especially during your busiest hours. Our EHR software maintains and updates medical data systematically, allowing you to spend all of your time caring for patients.

Our oncology EHR software can help you in many ways, by:

  • Providing a detailed picture of your patients' medical history, treatments, and progress.
  • Preventing oncology practitioners from experiencing burnout with better patient flow management.
  • Enhancing the quality of medical care and patient satisfaction.
  • Improving your marketing strategies by analyzing patient data and other important healthcare metrics.

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EHR For Every Practice

It’s absolutely crucial that you have an Electronic Health Record system that helps you optimize your clinical effectiveness, and of course, the patient experience as a whole. Medesk contains an in-built EHR module for use in a variety of outpatient medical and surgical specialties.

Private Practices All Over the UK Love Our Software

Victoria Fenton
Victoria Fenton
Integrative Medicine, Personalised Wellbeing

Such a great, customisable system which will save me time, maintain absolute professionalism and makes running the management side of my business so simple.

Shirley McDonald
Shirley McDonald
Consultant Trichologist, The Institute Of Trichologists

The best booking system if you have more than one employee. The support provided was great. Platform offers a bunch of customised features. Could be not as competitive as other similar products however, does offer more overall.

Deborah Creedy
Deborah Creedy
Glasgow Medical Rooms, Practice Manager

The team at Glasgow Medical Rooms felt that the growth of the Practice required a bespoke software system for patient records and appointments. The process is almost at completion, support from the Medesk team has been excellent and responsive and we have a system which is user friendly and programmed to our individual needs.

Dr Hind Al-Husain
Dr Hind Al-Husain
The Holistic Womens Clinic, Founder and Holistic Gynaecologist

I was very impressed with the professionalism and care taken to setup Medesk as my practice management system. Whilst dealing with Dr May, I was confident in his ability to deliver the product I wanted in the way I wanted - which he did in the time frame agreed and was readily accessible throughout. Medesk is a fantastic system which is intuitive, user-friendly and very easy to use without any loss of high-end functionality and is fully compliant with all legislation.