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"We are here to make your work that little bit easier"

Medesk CEO Vladimir Kovalsky talks about the mission of our company: "We are here to support you every day to make your work just that little bit easier.”

Online booking is one of the major trends of the year

Patients expect to book an appointment with their private doctor online. Medesk simplifies the patient journey to your clinic with online booking solutions.

Making Medicine a One-Click Holistic Ecosystem

To create an integrated ecosystem, clinics must be able to unite clinical and non-clinical services. Here’s how Medesk helps you achieve this goal.

How to Attract More Patients to Your Clinic (Part 2)

Medical practice management software collects a wide range of data to enable you to get a full picture of your current situation as a business.

How to Attract More Patients to Your Clinic

Vladimir Kovalskiy, CEO of Medesk, discusses the ways to attract more patients to your clinic via online booking and patient portal.

3 Problems You Can Solve with Medical Practice Management Software

Let's look at 3 common problems that can be fixed with medical software: the patient journey, experience and using big data.

Yet More Benefits of Adopting Digital Health Solutions

Here's the third part of our CEO's insight into the most effective ways to transform your clinic with the help of practice management software.

Benefits of Digital Health with Practice Management Software

Vladimir Kovalskiy, CEO of Medesk, speaks about the benefits of digital tools in boosting your clinic’s business performance.

Even More Advantages of Digitising Your Clinic

No matter how well you run your clinic, it all comes to nothing if patients aren't allowed to take part in their own care.

“Medesk is About Opportunity”: Medesk CEO on the company's philosophy

We are on a mission to deliver excellent medical management software and outstanding customer support in the medical world.