Perfect Practice Management Software for GP Services

To provide excellent GP services in the private sector, it’s vital that you have a practice management platform that helps you understand and meet your patients’ needs. Medesk focuses on your clinic as a business, looking at patient acquisition, service provision and patient retention.

Perfect Practice Management Software for GP Services
  • Customised referral letters
  • BNF and ICD-10 databases
  • Automatic appointment reminders
Private Practice Hub

If you are looking for a practice management software that does so much more than your standard package, then Medesk is for you. It can help take your practice to the next level by cutting down on administrative tasks whilst letting you establish the most concise marketing strategy all in one product. Medesk is packed with expertise and beneficial features yet is still a simple to use software. Fully customisable and bespoke dependent on your practice, with a high level of support available, it really does tick all the boxes.

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Here’s how Medesk practice management software can help your GP practice:

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Increase patient flow with online booking and deposits

You can place "Online Appointment Booking" links on your website, on social media and on any other advertising channels.

And Stripe provides you with a convenient way to collect prepayments and deposits. You'll slash the likelihood of no-shows and cancellations and make it incredibly easy for patients to understand exactly what they are paying for.

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Convenient EHR will take your GP practice to a new level

Medesk EHR Module Comprises
  • Medical history – an account of all the medical events that happened to your patient alongside all the actions that were taken.

  • Forms and documents – create and store the mass of documents that are completed outside of appointments.

  • Uploaded documents – you can scan in, store and view digital copies of documents and images directly in the patient record.

  • Invoices and billing – present a full account of your patients’ financial standing in your clinic, produce invoices, receipts, credit notes and more.

  • Communications log – track automated booking confirmations and reminders, write one-off texts and emails for more personalised communication.

Online GP Consultations

Here's how your GP practice can take advantage of online video consultations:
  • Keep your patients engaged while they are unable to visit the clinic in person

  • Reduce your overheads by being able to practice medicine from any location

  • Generate referral letters automatically as you type your notes

  • Provide a wider range of digital services for a patient cohort that is coming to expect telemedicine as standard

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Watch our expert's video outlining a real-life example of a clinic that converted more than 50% of their cancelled appointments into virtual consultations during the UK lockdown period

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  • Clinically proven & safe
  • Anytime from any device

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