Practice Management Software for Trichologists and Hair Loss Clinics

Medesk is a practice management software used by trichologists and hair loss clinics from all over the country. It helps you to ensure that patients receive the best possible care while complying with the accepted code of ethics as issued by organisations such as the Institute of Trichologists.

By using Medesk during your consultations, you’ll improve the whole experience for yourself and your patients

  • Write comprehensive case histories just by clicking buttons
  • Use regularly updated and standardised document templates
  • Take photos and add them to the patient record straight from your phone
  • Automatically prepare patient information for specific hair conditions
  • Generating annotated images to show patients what’s going on

Bring in More New Clients and Grow Your Trichology Practice

You can transform the way you attract patients to your trichology practice today with options to:
  • Offer online booking showing your live availability
  • Take deposits and online payments to cover your overheads
  • Allow referral partners to book directly
  • Verify patient contact details as an integral part of online booking
  • Screen for suitability to be seen, including online COVID questionnaires

Speed up your note taking and make sure you keep in line with recommended practices

Here are just a few of the trichology templates you can use to streamline your workday and provide a better patient experience:
  • Case history cards for initial consultations and follow-ups
  • Pre-operative notes to assess suitability for surgery
  • Operation records for FUE and FUT
  • Aftercare advice for hair and beard
  • Prescriptions
  • Treatment plans

Dedicated support for every trichologist working with Medesk

We have a wide range of trichologists and hair loss specialists working with Medesk around the country. Our wealth of experience gained from supporting your colleagues has enabled us to put together a special package of services just for trichology.

If you're a trichologist and you want to use Medesk to help manage your services, you stand to benefit from:

Shirley McDonald
Consultant Trichologist, The Institute Of Trichologists

The best booking system if you have more than one employee. The support provided was great. Platform offers a bunch of customised features.

Medesk offers a number of standardised templates to help you write consultation notes, referral letters, prescriptions and more

Expert Advise: How to optimize your business performance and take your trichology clinic in the right direction

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Features to boost your private practice management

Private Practice Hub

If you are looking for a practice management software that does so much more than your standard package, then Medesk is for you. It can help take your practice to the next level by cutting down on administrative tasks whilst letting you establish the most concise marketing strategy all in one product. Medesk is packed with expertise and beneficial features yet is still a simple to use software. Fully customisable and bespoke dependent on your practice, with a high level of support available, it really does tick all the boxes.

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