Medesk Meet Support & FAQ

How can I get my access code?

You need to make an online booking with one of the clinics working with the Medesk platform. You will receive your code via email or text.

Can't activate my camera or microphone.

It is likely to be a permission issue on your device. Please double-check whether you gave all the permissions to the app that it needs to function properly. The easiest way is to go to the device settings section of the phone, find the Medesk Meet application, and turn all permissions on. On Android, you may also need to go into "Apps and Notifications" after opening Settings.

How do I use Medesk Meet on Windows/Mac?

Medesk Meet is mainly a web-based app, so on any other desktop operating systems, you can just navigate to (xxx is your appointment code) using the Google Chrome browser and you'll be good to go. There's no need to download anything.

What is my password?

If you are prompted to enter a password when joining a meeting, then you should reach out to your doctor or clinic to obtain it.

I have problems with the app.

In this case please reach out to your clinic or doctor for support and troubleshooting. Email to contact developers.