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Integration with The Doctors Laboratory

Integration with The Doctors Laboratory
All clinics working with both Medesk and TDL can send lab requests and receive results directly via our Lab module.

We have great news if you are using TDL! You can now send lab orders and receive the results directly via Medesk.


TDL is the largest independent provider of clinical laboratory diagnostic services in the UK. They provide their customers with the laboratory information required for diagnosis and treatment of medical disorders. All lab orders created in Medesk are sent directly to TDL with the results sent straight back once ready.

Working with labs like this could not be any easier. You can use your existing patient database in Medesk. There’s no need for any other software or to log into your TDL account. You won’t even need to enter any additional patient details!


All results are saved in the patient’s medical history so you can easily take a look even when you’re in the middle of a consultation.

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