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"We are here to make your work that little bit easier"

Vladimir Kovalskiy
March 26, 2020
Medesk CEO Vladimir Kovalsky talks about the mission of our company: "We are here to support you every day to make your work just that little bit easier.”

Medesk response to the spread of Covid-19

We believe there is nothing more important than one's health. We believe that medicine is a noble calling.

We can all see how humanity has come together to fight this new global threat. Everyone has a part to play. Every single one of us, every day.

At Medesk, we began working fully remotely at the start of the year. We have teams working in 5 countries around the globe. Our infrastructure is very well suited to coping the current situation. We provide the same excellent service and 24/7 accessibility to the Medesk platform as we always have.

Tens of thousands of appointments are recorded on Medesk every day. Many of our client clinics have already adapted their business processes for effective remote work and collaboration. We are proud of playing our role in helping millions of patients every month. We are here to support you every day to make your work just that little bit easier.

We wish health and safety to you and your colleagues, loved ones, and of course, your patients.

Warm wishes from Medesk Team

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