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    August 21, 2017

    Money for diabetes technology

    Up to £60,000 in funding is available for technology solutions to help improve the health of pregnant women with diabetes.

    Released by the Department of Health and Department of Economy (NI), the money will be awarded to those that show their technology can reduce pressure on services, reduce need for travel to specialist clinics, improve outcomes and more.

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    Ulster University leads on money for health tech

    Ulster University will be leading on a £6 million global research project into low cost technologies for safe drinking water in developing regions. The SafeWater research fund will see the Northern Irish university join forces with partners in South America and NGOs already working in Colombia and Mexico.

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    Tony Byrne, professor and lead researcher at the University, said: “This is a very significant project which will play a critical role in helping to address one of the greatest global issues the developing world is facing today.”

    East Lancashire Hospitals out to tender for EPR

    East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust is to tender for a new electronic patient record (EPR). The trust’s deadline for submissions is at the end of August, and pending NHS Improvement approval, the preferred supplier would be selected in October, Michelle Brown, deputy director of finance at the trust said.

    “The new EPR system will be developed to help us treat our patients more effectively. It will also give our healthcare staff quicker and easier access to up-to-date information about the treatment and care of our patients.”

    Bedford goes live with Insignia PACS

    Bedford Hospital NHS Trust has gone live with Insignia Medical Systems on 2 August. The trust will use the image sharing software to access nearly 80 million transferred images. Julie Guest, Insignia project manager, said the new PACS had been “very well received”.

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    “Working closely with the team at Bedford Hospital NHS Trust, I am confident this is the beginning of another new partner relationship and we’re looking forward to welcoming the team to our Insignia community at our User Day later this year.”

    Source: digitalhealth.net

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